10 Ways to Fill the Space Underneath Your Kitchen Worktops

Black granite kitchen worktops

The area underneath a kitchen worktop is one of the most useful but also overlooked by many households. While one might think that placing in a trash can and a few kitchen cleaning items might serve the best use of the space, but there’s a lot that you can do even if you struggle with a very tiny space. Here’s how you can de-clutter this small area and arm yourself with practical strategies and clever tricks to fill the space underneath your kitchen worktops.

Black kitchen worktops

1. Add pull-out drawers.
Black granite kitchen worktops with white ceramic sinks are the new trend. A complete wooden cabinetry underneath a granite worktop would look spectacular to add pull-out drawers.

2. Organise kitchen cleaning supplies under the sink.
It is obvious that you would like to hide the soaps, sprays and sponges under the sink, so make sure that everything is within your reach and easily accessible especially when you need them urgently. For instance, place the paper towels to the front and push those bottles towards the backside on a round tray.

3. Organise kitchen trash and recycling.
As many kitchen worktop suppliers would tell you, the soul of every modern kitchen lies in promoting a safe and clean living. That’s why you need to have a gliding bin that stores two bins one for organic waste and another for glass and plastic. Also, on one of the inside cabinet walls, you can place a chrome holder to stash all your plastic bags. You can integrate such cabinets under kitchen marble worktops.

4. Add extra drawers.
Sometimes shelves aren’t enough for storing canned or boxed food. But you can easily work out this clunker by implementing extra pull-out drawers in a vertical shelf that goes right under the far edges of your composite kitchen worktops.

5. Hook buckets to the cabinet doors.
You can use adhesive tabs to hang tin cans that hold anything from spatulas and serving spoons to dish scrubbers that you would not want to put over the worktop.

6. Don’t underestimate a pantry cart.
A multi-storeyed cart is useful for small kitchens to store jars, vinegar bottles, etc. Even in a smaller size, it can slide under and won’t occupy any additional space.

7. Focus on compartmentalising the available space.
If you have a lot of space under the kitchen sink, then it’s better to invest in compartments that will allow you to place pull-out baskets.

8. Install a tension rod (horizontally).
Another genius modification that would look fabulous under any kitchen worktop is to install a tension rod in the under-the-sink cabinet to hold everyday cleaners leaving room below for trays and bins.

9. Stackable shelves are wonderful.
Stackable shelves made of steel that would fit inside a cabinet are great to hold crockeries.

10. Use tension rods vertically.
In the area inside a cabinet, you could save a lot of space for large pots by placing tension rods standing upright and placing cutting boards or cookie sheets in-between.

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