3 Ways Floating Vanities can do Wonder to Your Bathroom Interior

3 Ways Floating Vanities can do Wonder to Your Bathroom Interior

If you are designing the interior of your bathroom and looking for the perfect vanity to add a storage space as well as to complement the style of this private space of yours, then you are obviously researching a lot now. And if you are leafing through all the interior design magazines or surfing through the blogs of various designers, then you obviously know that, now, floating vanities are in vogue. If you are not living under a rock, you surely know what these vanities are. In the last year or so, these have become a popular choice due to the functionality it offers without compromising with the class and sophistication of the appearance.

So, if you are in a dilemma and wondering whether you should give in to this trend or stick to the basics, then here are a few points you must look at. You will get to know how these floating vanities can do wonders for your bathroom décor while providing you with the maximum functionality.

The Futuristic Appeal

A trend takes a long time to become popular. And it needs to have some spark so that it can appeal to those who are thinking of following it. In the case of floating bathroom vanities, it has appealed to the homeowners because of its futuristic appeal. When most of the homeowners are facing a challenge of space scarcity and lack of functionality with the bulky traditional vanities, the floating vanities have bright a refreshing appeal to them. The futuristic design, the enormity of storage while not occupying area and obstructing foot traffic, all of these are undoubtedly attractive to anyone. Since these vanities don’t need the support of any stable flat surface, it is offering the designers more possibilities regarding designs.

Space- the Biggest Factor

When you are installing the vanities in the bathroom, you prepare yourself to compromise with the floor space in the bathroom. But when you have a small bathroom, it really becomes difficult to adjust. Floating bathroom vanities can offer amazing benefit in this matter. Neither it occupies any floor space, nor does it obstruct the foot traffic in the bathroom. Moreover, cleaning and water removal becomes easier as there is no stable support on the floor. However, if you are thinking that you won’t get the chance of storing much stuff in the vanities, then you are wrong. These cabinets are made of stiff hardwood so that you don’t have to compromise with the storage space either.

Perfect Accommodation and Visual Illusion

In case of the small bathroom, it becomes necessary for you to provide a visual illusion of a bigger space. Since these vanities don’t occupy much space, it can easily make the bathroom look bigger. And most importantly, as they can be mounted on the wall, you can accommodate it at any height, therefore, making it convenient for all members of your home. If you are wondering how it will be possible then talk to a trusted store of discount bathroom vanities in your city. They can easily customize it according to your requirements.

So, now as you know about the advantages that floating vanities offer, what are you waiting for? Rush to the nearby store bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Provide them with the requirements and bring home these stunning vanities to adorn your private space.

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