4 Reasons Why Roof Inspections Are Necessary

Roof Inspections

If you are a homeowner, there are many regular maintenance tasks to keep you occupied, and the roof, which is the most important component of all, has to endure round the clock punishment from the harsh Australian climate. If a roof is correctly installed, it should last for many decades, but the outer surface, which is typically roof shingles, does require regular visual inspections and this will enable any repairs to be quickly carried out, before damage occurs.  If you assume that the roof is fine and have never bothered with a roof inspection, here are just a few of the reasons why a regular roof inspection is advised.

  1. Storm Damage – We all know just how fierce the Australian climate can be, and this is when roof shingles can be either dislodged or broken. Even a single missing roof tile is sufficient to allow water into the internal structure, and unless it is remedied, damage will occur. The total surface area of the average roof is quite considerable, and some people are uncomfortable at heights, and in this case, calling in a roofing contractor is the best solution, and after a thorough inspection, the roofer would report his findings to the customer. If you live in NSW, there are experienced roof tilers in Sydney who can carry out a thorough inspection and this would reveal any roofing issues.

  1. Overhanging Branches – If you have large trees in your garden, then a roof inspection will allow you to inspect any branches that are near the roof, and should you see that there is damage to any of the branches, removal would be the safest thing to do. Of course, you should not consider doing this, as working with trees is very dangerous, especially at heights, and by calling in a qualified arborist, they can remove any potentially dangerous branches.

  1. Guttering and Downpipes – Typically, a roof will have guttering to catch the rainwater, and this is channelled along the roof and connects with the vertical downpipes that give excess water a means of escape. If this drainage system becomes blocked for any reason, a heavy downpour will result in water overflowing the guttering, and the water will run down the external walls. If this is not addressed, it could cause serious damage to the structure, and wet patches on the plaster would soon appear. There are roofing contractors who offer guttering and downpipe cleaning, and with all the right equipment for the job, this is by far the best solution.

  1. Preventative Practices – Regular roof inspections ensure prompt repairs, and with so many components in a typical roof, it is the only way to be sure that the outer surface remains intact. If you adopt the attitude of waiting until there is a problem, this will eventually cost more in the long run, than by carrying out regular visual inspections.

The roof is usually inaccessible, and with many elevations and slopes, it can be difficult to see everything, which is why you should ask a roofing contractor to carry out the inspection, and if there are repairs needed, they can be carried out promptly.

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