5 Basic Features That Every Condo Should Possess

Singapore is one of the stunning and technological advanced countries in the world. Many people are preferring this country as their permanent residence because of the moderate climate, safe environment, and a chunk of job opportunities. As a result, you may find a lot of housing options (from apartments to luxury condos) in Singapore. Condos are basically residential properties which are owned by the individuals. Still, there are some common areas like elevator, laundry, swimming pool. Gym, etc. which you need to share with the others.

The demand for condos is thriving in every year and that’s why many eminent builders in Singapore are welcoming their customers with the condos which possess an array of features and facilities. When you are talking about the condos in Singapore, you may find three types of condos and they are mass-market, mid-market, and high-end condominiums. Though newly-build condos possess better features, looks, and amenities, still, there are some basic facilities that every condo should have.

If you want to make your investment a worthy, take a look at the below-mentioned things that you should consider before purchasing a condo.

  1. Location: This is an important parameter that you can’t ignore specially if you are looking for a long-term investment. The location should work in terms of career, job opportunities, basic family needs, transportation, culture, and relaxation & entertainment. An ideal condo in Singapore should be located just only 5-7 minute walking distance from MRT station so that you can easily enter all the key locations of the city. With the help of the internet, you can find many options regarding new condo launch 2018.
  1. Luxury: This is the feature which makes condos above the normal living and that’s why people love them. Luxury units can easily get appreciation from everyone for their value and aesthetic look and hence, you can claim that you have made an astounding investment in a good condo. But you always need to check the landscaping, interior features, floor plan, building and flooring material, etc. so that you get the best quality.
  1. Amenities: These days, all the latest condos offer a chunk of amenities so that the dwellers can lead a healthy and happy life. Most of the condos cover all the important facilities like fully equipped gym, swimming pool, walking and cycling track, full-speed internet, separate parking, lawn, kids play area, indoor game area, community hall and make more things that can make your life facile and simpler. Some newly developed condos offer mini shopping centre for the betterment of the residents.
  1. Privacy: When you are making an investment, you don’t want to compromise your privacy at any cost. Though condos are a part of a large residential property, good developers ensure that each unit enjoys the highest level of privacy. Many developers are using sound-proof walls and are making an intelligent floor plan so that everyone enjoys their privacy.
  1. Security: This is another thing that you can’t compromise specially if you are living with the kids and the elderly people. All the condos in Singapore provide CCTV cameras in every entrance. Apart from it, there are high-tech doors, biometric locking systems, electric fences, and many more things so that you don’t need to spend nerve-racking nights.

These are five important things that every condo should have.

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