7 Advantages of Having Hardwood Flooring

hardwood flooring in NYC

Everyone wants to have a gorgeous house with stunning features like excellent flooring with hardwood flooring. A beautiful home has a positive vibe to itself. A gorgeous house is a thing of individuality. Floorings are an important part of any house. There are many options to choose from for the flooring materials viz. carpeted floorings, marble floorings etc. However, hardwood flooring remains on top of the list. Because it’s natural beauty brings a charm to the house. And while shifting to a new place it’s easier to get a grand value for a house with elegant hardwood flooring. Intelligent owners who want to upgrade the appearance, durability and market value of their homes should go with hardwood flooring.

Advantages of having hardwood flooring


Installation of hardwood flooring NYC may cause a few bucks more but it prevails over the benefits of hardwood flooring. The main gains of having hardwood flooring are as follows-

  1. Hardwood flooring is more hygienic than any other floor types. It doesn’t retain dust, pollen, germs or stain as other floorings. Families with infants can ensure better health of their children with hardwood flooring. L.A. or American Lung Association has recommended it for better air quality of the house.
  2. Over decade hardwood flooring has marked the standard of elegance in-house comfort. It offers to soothe during winter and remain cold during hot summers i.e. it has a name for consoling it owners with the temperate environment at home.
  3. Hardwood flooring is a onetime investment. Once installed it can go a long run. And if it is maintained properly then hardwood flooring NYC never needed to be replaced while carpet floorings may need to be replaced within 10 or 15 years. This happens due to the reason that hardwood flooring is made with a lot less amount of chemicals than ordinary carpet floorings.
  4. The density of the flooring can be selected by the owner. Clients can ask their required amount of layering of hardwood flooring.
  5. There are lots of options to choose from for the perfect matching of flooring with the house, which can add an exquisite look to the home.
  6. Hardwood flooring is evergreen. Its natural ability to blend with any décor makes it more fashionable.
  7. As said before with good maintenance hardwood flooring can end up with a lifetime and its maintenance cost is also lower than other flooring types. To keep them in the first-class figure, normal sweeping or vacuuming is enough. To hold on their initial shine a good quality cleaner can be used with a regular dry mop. Nothing more than that is required to be done.

Cost of hardwood flooring NYC


With all the benefits stated above now it is customary to tell the cost of installation of hardwood flooring. The cost of once in a lifetime set up for hardwood flooring depends on some factors like-

  • Special effects on the hardwood: Sometimes clients want a number of artistic images on the hardwood. When standard staining is done a little bit extra has to be paid if someone has a request for some modifications rather than the standard print.
  • Surface area: If the client is bigger housed so its flooring also has a larger surface area to be covered by the hardwood flooring. With the increase of section, there is a rise in the application of materials like wood, paint, thinner etc. So the cost depends proportionally with increase or decrease of flooring region.
  • Finishing touch: It is a crucial factor for prolonging the life of the flooring. Usage of high-quality protective coatings can cause a little more but it can increase the lifetime of the hardwood flooring NYC many folds.
  • Wood structure and thickness: The thicker the layer of the wood more strength it provides to the floor. So it is advisable to ask for a thicker and well-constructed hardwood flooring NYC though it cost a few more pennies.
  • After all this consideration it is shrewd to order 10% more than the requirement so that if there’s any wastage of material or any necessity of extra items then the extra 10% will come to play to be the savior. Because most of the companies only take wholesale orders, so for slight excesses a wholesome order needs to be placed which is undesirable.

There are some differences in the rates of a different company. So checking the rates with designated quality is a good idea to get a great deal. Companies like 1hardwoordfloor can be trusted without any doubt due to their excellent professional and client-friendly guidance over the process of installing hardwood flooring within a reasonable budget.

So with all the benefits declared, the decision of hardwood flooring in NYC & Brooklyn based homes is a great idea for home improvement.