7 Signs A Home Could Have A Better Layout

4 bedroom houses in Irvine

Perthshire property market is growing in leaps and bounds, and it offers a lot of options to people looking for new builds in Perthshire. However, not all buyers are able to figure out whether the house layout is good or bad. In the beginning, it may appear that it is a perfect layout. However, after you spend a few days in the house, you will feel that something is not right. After you have invested in a property, it is difficult to correct a bad layout. And, sometimes it is not even feasible. So, if you are in search of new builds in Perthshire, being aware of the signs of a bad layout will help you to buy the right house.

A not so good layout can affect navigation and other day-to-day activities in a house. Here are some signs you should look for in a home you are thinking of buying or a house you are planning to build.

Dining room in the center

When you enter the house, you will need to walk through the dining room to get to other rooms. The entrance of each room is connected to the dining room. Whether you are going to sleep in your bedroom or in the kitchen to cook, you will have to walk through the dining room. There is a dining table right in the middle of the house causing inconvenience while navigating around in the house. There is no straight path in the house.

Adjoining Bedrooms

Some buyers like adjoining bedrooms and some don’t. Make sure that there are separate entrances for each bedroom if you want privacy in each.

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Poor location of the guest bathroom

Old houses usually have a guest bathroom at the end of the hallway. This really looks uninviting and unattractive when someone is walking through the hallway and finds a bathroom door open. The guest bathroom should be easily accessible, but it should not be at the end of the hallway.

No master suite

If you have a master bedroom in the house and there is a bathroom directly outside of the master bedroom, this is undesirable. The bathroom should be accessible from inside the master bedroom.

Satellite Living Rooms

In some layouts, the living room is often on the side of the entrance. The living room is connected to no other room. However, this layout will make the people in the living room feel disconnected from the house.

Restricted view

You should be able to see other rooms from the central spot. This will make the house look more spacious. The trend of opening the kitchen to the family areas is pretty popular.

Bedrooms located off the dining room/bedroom

The bedroom door should not be located near an area where family members often gather. The noise will cause inconvenience in the bedroom, and there will be an issue of privacy as well.

Inside stairway facing the entrance and a hallway facing the door are two other signs of a bad layout.

So, whether you are interested in buying 4 bedroom houses in Irvine or new builds in Perthshire, be aware of the layout.