7 Tips on Packing Up House for the Big Move

Moving to a new home, and doing it in a well-organized way, can mean the difference between going through the process full of stress, or enjoying it as a relaxed and straightforward experience.

The first thoughts that come to mind when moving are about the time it will take, what might be lost or damaged in the process, and the cost of moving things from one place to another.

However, some people look at it from another perspective: as an opportunity for improvement. If you want your move to be much more straightforward, read on, and you will find 7 Tips on Packing Up House for the Big Move.

Decide what to move and what not to move

Moving absolutely everything you had before is not a great idea. Going to a new home has elements that are like starting from scratch. A good idea to help you sort your things before moving is to write signs. Sign options could be ‘charity’, ‘garbage’, ‘friends and family’ and ‘recycling’. This process will make it easier for you to know what to do with each of your things.

One room at a time

Try to pack only one room at a time. It is best to start with places where things are not as essential, such as bedrooms or the living room. The idea is to leave for the latter days the things that you use more frequently and are bigger: like the beds, the dining room, the fridge, and the washing machine.

Create a kit to pack

While you pack up the house, you will most likely move many things from one place to another, especially if several people are picking up stuff at the same time. An easy way to have everything you need at hand is to assemble a bag with tape, scissors, markers, pencils, small towels and anything else you can think of that you might need.

Protect fragile objects

Wrap things that could get broken with bubble wrap to prevent damage during the move. If you are short on budget, instead of using bubblewrap you can and use sheets, towels or tea towels to cover the objects. Doing this will save you a little space and money, but it may be a bit less tidy when unpacking.

Identify wires, plugs, and cables

It is likely that in your old house you had everything connected without problems but, when you get to the new home and unpack all the cables, you may not remember what they were or where they connected. With the help of a labeler or with tape and a marker, you can write down which device each cable corresponds to and not suffer when connecting everything again.

Remember to eat and hydrate well on your moving day

Usually, a move can take almost a whole day and what you think about least is eating or drinking water, since you are busy loading and moving boxes. It is best to have water in plastic bottles and order something simple to eat, like a pizza. Having disposable plates and cups can help you a lot, saving you the hassle of having to find and open boxes, or running the risk of something breaking or disappearing in the middle of the moving day.

Hire a moving company

If all of the above seems too cumbersome or you do not have the time to do so, you can hire a reputable moving company to handle this entire process. Your only job will be to supervise the packing and transfer. You can search for Newcastle moving service online, and you will get several companies that offer this service. While this option is the easiest, remember to take into account the budget you have set aside for the move. In some cases, the amount of money you can save might make you decide that you want to pack on your own.

With these tips, you will have a quiet and trouble-free move. You will see at the time of unpacking that you will be able to locate everything faster and start organizing things in your new home as soon as you arrive.

Richa Sharma is a freelance author and writes for a variety of online publications. She actively writes blogs and articles and very fond of writing content on different trendy topicss related to Education, training,resources,health and technology.