8 Decorating Ideas for Kids’ Rooms

There are few activities as invigorating as decorating children’s rooms; kids tend to have specific visions of what they want their rooms to look like.

More often than not, these ideas are inspired by exciting movie sets, elaborate backdrops, or even their favorite character.

A lot of the time, the ideas your children have might seem like they reside outside the realm of possibility, but this isn’t always the case. All that’s required to achieve a realistic and stylish room is a balance of innocent imagination with your adult practicality and astuteness.

1.  Space

This should be the backbone of any design you create. What kids need more than anything else is space to express themselves while having as much fun as possible.

It doesn’t matter how convoluted, beautiful, or expensive your child’s bedroom is, space is always a positive addition to their room.

You can save space by keeping most of the décor on the walls to afford them more usable floor space.

2.  Undersea Library

As parents of a book lover, it doesn’t take much time for book collections to outgrow their storage spaces or bookshelves.

You can give your little one room to grow their collection by incorporating a ceiling-high bookshelf, with the help of blue wallpaper and undersea cartoon characters like Spongebob and his friends, Nemo and the like.

3.  Future Wallaby

If your little one loves rugby union, you can design their room around this theme if they indeed fancy it; for starters, you’ll need green and gold decorations and props.

Use solid green and gold wallpapers to design their walls in alternating patterns, ensure that furniture pieces match this theme and colour.

Hang up large pictures of their favourite rugby players to take this design over the top.

4.  Fantasy Land

This type of room is all about fantasy, imagination, and innocence. Thanks to its fun femininity, such a design is sure to delight any child that enjoys stories with princes, princesses, and happy endings featuring faraway lands.

You can include a colourful kid’s rug or carpet designed with greenery or a castle to create a picture of what it would feel like to be medieval royalty.

5.  Artistic Genius

A great way to encourage your Child’s imagination would be to support and celebrate their works of art. You can design your child’s room with this in mind; it’s a well-known fact that children appreciate places where their imaginations can run wild.

Make spaces where they can create art and display them within their room or surround their room with works of art from some of the great artists in history.

6.  Display their Passions

The older our kids get the more genuine passions they develop, and a great way to celebrate their emotions would be to design their rooms around what they’re passionate about.

It could be sports, painting, surfing, mathematics, skating or anything at all; the only prerequisite is that the theme of the room should be developed around a passion and not the other way round.

7.  Colour Coordination

The mistake that a lot of parents make while designing rooms for their kids is that they mix colors that aren’t supposed to be mixed.

Colour coordination will aid your finished product to look as streamlined and aesthetically pleasing as possible. You can also employ color schemes in areas such as your little one’s closet to get a better result.

8.  Budgeting

This isn’t a decorating idea, but it’s the most important tip we have to share with you. Whatever you do, ensure that you have a fixed budget before undertaking a room redesign.

It’s easy to get carried away with all the ideas that you and your child come up with, and this can quickly add up financially.

It will help to be financially disciplined during this process.

Richa Sharma is a freelance author and writes for a variety of online publications. She actively writes blogs and articles and very fond of writing content on different trendy topicss related to Education, training,resources,health and technology.