A Look into Kubota’s U35 Series 3.5 Tonne Excavator

Tonne Excavator

You might be wondering why we have focused much attention on Kubota U35 excavators. Well, in the previous reviews from our esteemed customers, it was discovered that the greatest priority for this equipment should be the users’ comfort. Hence, the modifications made that makes it outstanding are; the visibility while operating it efficiently been revolutionized, this is by conscious adjustments made in the cab with regards to the ergonometric i.e. legroom and space. You no longer have to work in confined and unconducive environments. 

Costs of hiring a Kubota U35 is fairly low when compared to other mini excavator hire rates heavy duty jobs and is very easy to operate. They possess a high-performance ratio and are easy to maintain. Their size which makes them be classified as the intermediate excavators enables varied conditions of operation without the fear of collision which might have not been anticipated. This is achieved form the 1.9-inch tail swing which occupies the minimal space hence enabling efficient operation in the confined environments which other large excavators cannot efficiently maneuver.

The engine of the Kubota U35 is the most outstanding feature in it. It can generate power of up to 24.8 HP when operating even though the equipment seems disproportionate with this kind of power. Besides, it weighs about 3 tons, which is from the robust components used in its manufacture. These in conjunction enables it to gives the required power in the field for most of the work done.

There has been a going concern on the operation cost of the preceding Kubota series. A feature that enables it to self-generate idling while not in use. This system utilizes basic artificial intelligence that detects the moment the equipment is not in active use, then initiates the auto idling in it, hence, saving on the total fuel used making its operation cost to be affordable.

Most excavators and heavy construction equipment normally experience oil contamination while in operation and too many leakages. This always makes the operation and maintenance cost at peak since constant service, maintenance, and oiling costsare demanded. With the Kubota U35, the use of the hydraulic return facility has enabled minimum loss in the oil used, and has effectively maintained the oil in its desired confinement. This has in effect, lengthened the oiling period to almost a month or two which was hitherto, not possible with the preceding excavators. 

There are the various activities that can be achieved when the Kubota U35 is in use. Operations that involve the digging of trenches, foundations, and boring of holes can be accomplished with this machine. It is efficiently achieved due to the ease in operation on the side of the user as well as the going field conditions such as the unbearable steep slopes that it can navigate to great unimaginable situations. Other construction operations such as the general handling of engineering materials, demolition of old and faulty buildings, quarrying activities such as river dredging, and even forestry works can be accomplished by the use of Kubota U35.

Moreover, the Kubota U35 is very appealing to the eye. This is from its general appearance concerning size, shape, and space economy while in operation. This has attracted most contractors who value working conditions in the field. 

In conclusion, when looking for a mini excavator for rent, I would like to recommend Kubota U35 to any investor, contractor, and operators with the desire to handle heavy construction work, that Kubota U35 is the most efficient and desired excavator in the market. If you heed to this, thank me later.

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