Benefits and Comparison of Aluminium Double Hung Windows With Other Materials

double hung aluminium windows

There are a few advantages of aluminium double hung windows over other materials. Therefore, if you are considering replacing your windows go through the article to be well informed and make an educated decision. You may find that these are one of the most common styles of windows available on the market. These windows usually have two sashes in its frame that can be moved up and down. You can also tilt it in if you require.

aluminium windows

Advantages of aluminium double hung windows

  1. Enumerated below are the specific benefits of these aluminium double hung windows
  2. Ease of cleaning is the most significant advantage since both sashes tilt in. You can clean the outside from the inside thereby eliminating the hassles and dangers of climbing scaffolding, ladders or need to use long-handled tools.
  3. Energy efficiency is another significant advantage as it can drastically reduce your heating and cooling requirements and costs due. It reduces energy loss and improves the comfort level inside your home.
  4. Cooling benefits of these windows make homeowners prefer these. Since the sashes can be moved, you can easily place an air conditioner securely in the window.
  5. Increased airflow and versatility of these windows cannot be overlooked when you compare it with others.
  6. Most importantly, you get these in different sizes to suit your window specifics.

Reasons for Popularity

  1. The popularity of aluminium double hung windows has steadily increased over the years.  They are trendy modern, stylish and sophisticated. Moreover, they are also very durable, safe and efficient.
  2. Maintenance is another factor in its popularity. Aluminium is highly resistant to weather elements these windows are virtually maintenance free in finished condition. These are moisture and corrosion resistant having anti-rust properties.
  3. Furthermore, these windows are unlikely to warp, rot, crack or swell over time thereby assuring a long life and highest value in return for your money. Most importantly, these windows do not require periodical expenditure on paint or polish.
  4. You can simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth.
  5. The thermal performance of the aluminium double hung windows is beyond compare with others such as energy efficient glass. The aluminium material exceeds the energy efficiency standards and provides both thermal as well as sound insulation.
  6. As compared with expensive wood and UPVC windows, the aluminium windows can boost in heat gain and loss significant through windows by as much as 60%. These are environmentally sustainable, and the material has the highest recycling rate that any other metal.

Other Features of Aluminium Windows

The aluminium double hung windows are made of thinner material and are therefore light in weight. It therefore provides a more modern aesthetic for larger commercial buildings and large windows.

Aluminium window is highly resistant to scratching, marring and cracking. The window frames can be powder coated or painted as well to blend perfectly with the surrounding color as desired.

Aluminium material is strong even if it is light in weight and has a thinner frame. These features make these windows a perfect and most cost-effective choice for large facilities. These windows have a specific heat transfer action which is characteristic of aluminium that may be a point of concern if there is any condensation and it seeps between the wall and the window.

However, modern aluminium double hung windows have thermal breaks employed to deal with the problem of condensation. It also increases the energy efficiency of the windows.

Therefore, barring a few downsides, these windows are very useful and effective. Investing in an aluminium window will prove to be prudent and cost effective in the end.

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