An Overview of Today’s Upgraded Lighting for the Home


While many people are do-it-yourselfers, they need to play it safe when it comes to electrical wiring. Contracting electrical services is the preferred option when rewiring your home or installing energy-efficient lighting or fixtures. Electrical contractors can be hired to install ceiling fans and telephone lines, upgrade lighting, and install safety switches and smoke detectors. They can also be requisitioned to perform safety checks and install data access points for computers.

Save on the Cost of Electricity

One of the major reasons to use an electrical contractor in Brisbane today is to save on the cost of energy. Incorporating lighting that complements your home’s comfort levels and design is a good reason to retain the services of an electrician – someone who will install fixtures that will help you save on your electricity bill and provide you with lighting that is pleasant and functional.

Save Electricity

Save Electricity

CFLs – General Purpose Lighting

When choosing lighting for your home, you will soon discover that a full range of lighting fixtures is featured for various areas of a house. For example, fluorescent and linear lighting is available in the form of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), which are long-life lamps that use a small amount of energy. These kinds of lamps are ideal for areas that need illumination for long periods of time. Use CFLs outdoors, in the kitchen, study, or living area. Fluorescent lighting is an excellent light source and is an ideal choice for a general purpose light.

LED Lighting

Led Lighting

Led Lighting

LED lighting is the longest-lasting and most energy-efficient light product on the market today. In the past, LED lights were only used for accent-type lighting for use inside cabinets or along staircases and walls. However, because of technological advancements, LED lights have now become a feasible, low-cost general source of light – a type of illumination that supplies substantial energy savings for such areas of the house as home theatres, bedrooms, living areas, and dining rooms. These lights are now directly replacing halogen lights for these applications.

Saving on Energy with Recessed Lighting and Downlights

Downlights, today, are the most popular types of lighting fixtures to be found in contemporary homes. They are also used in refurbishments of older real estate. You can purchase downlights in a broad range of configurations, designs and colours, including gimbal-type versions, which suit any kind of outdoor application. Downlights are featured in both CFL and LED technologies.

CFL Downlights

CFL downlights possess a lifetime that is about 3 to 5 times longer than that of halogen sources. CFS downlights also use much less energy than incandescent-type lamps – as much as 80% less energy in the majority of cases. While CFL downlights can be dimmed, you do need to add CFL dimmers in the installation for this feature to work.

Save Electricity

Save Electricity

LED Downlights

LED downlights are the newest form of lighting used to save on energy usage. These lights use even less electricity than CFL downlights. LED lamps not only last longer but the light they emit is stronger as well. LED lights have been shown to outlast halogen lamps by as much as 10 times and CFL downlights by four times in energy use and duration. LED lamps can be dimmed and have a similar output to a 50W halogen bulb.

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