Be A Plumber Yourself- Easy Hacks You Need To Know To Handle


Hiring a reputed and a licensed plumber these days has become a real expensive deal. Here, a few hacks are discussed that can save you from the frequent plumbing costs and also can be used in case your plumber is not readily available. Managing your plumbing is not really a difficult or a much of technical stuff as the problems that we face each day are not major or much technical ones.


  • Repair a leaking faucet– a leaking faucet can be easily tackled only if you are aware about the type of faucet you have. You need to know about the various types of faucets but do not worry if you are only aware of your own sets. Learning from YouTube is one of the best options. Although a little leak suggests nothing but a need of a washer change. It is a simple thing, just buy a washer and change it as you now know about your faucet. But make sure that you buy the right sized faucet.

  • Repair a leaking shower– a leaking shower can be easily fixed without removing the tiles. All you need to do is to buy silicon sealant and some sugar soaps and put it in the leaked area. You can easily do this as this is one of the best way to fix your shower leaks. Just be cautious about the silicon sealant as it is very strong and if it blocks another thing by mistake then you will have no option but to break it.

  • Change your faucet- if you think that a leaking faucet is difficult to handle you can simply change the whole thing. When you buy a new one you get an instruction kit with that which will help you to install it easily. Moreover for knowing the exact replacement parts you can take help of your local hardware shop who can help you with the guidelines of fixing and may also help you determining the exact cause of the leak.

  • Fix a clogged drain or a jammed toilet– the best and the easiest way to fix a clogged drain or a toilet is to use a plunger and clean it. A plunger can be easily bought from any hardware store and is really very easy to use. You can just learn using it from the internet or while seeing any plumber in action. Another thing that can be done is to prepare and put vinegar balls, as it has the power to melt but a plunger is the best and most effective solution.

  • Clean a slow or a blocked drain– although we are generally in a habit of cleaning a blocked drain with acids but the best way to do is put some baking soda in the drain and then put in vinegar and then some boiling water to have the best cleaning. Acids often damage your drains. You can use a thong to clear of the hairs blocking the drain.

  • If you change your shower head to a low flow one which is not at all a difficult job then you can save a lot in your water bill.

But in our everyday life we are in frequent need of a plumber to save ourselves from minor plumbing issues which we can be taken care only if we have a little idea about them. These simple bathroom hacks actually allows us to save a lot and also helps us become a plumber for our house.