Best Ideas to Display Large Wall Mirror at Home/Offices

Over the years, people have been using mirrors to either decorate or renovate their house spaces. Rooms that have mirrors in them are beautiful and stylish too since they create more space and brightness up to the room. There are those that prefer having large wall mirrors in either their homes or offices rather than having small wall mirrors. Incorporating a large mirror wall in a room can be challenging if it is not done right. For the large mirror wall to fulfill its purpose, an interior designer has to go through the best ideas of displaying the mirror. The following are ways to display a large wall mirror in a home or an office.

Position Long Mirrors Horizontally

You can add a mirror in various ways to create spaciousness in your home. An example is a hallway. A homeowner can Place two large mirrors horizontally opposite each other to give the room a wider space. This display meets this purpose since it lengthens the room.

Homeowners can choose to place a striking large mirror horizontally at their bathroom wall just above their sink area to add more style and an illusion of space. This form of the display works best when natural lighting hits the mirror and illuminates the whole room.

The Interplay Between Mirrors and Other Objects in the House

An interior designer can set up a clever interplay between mirrors and other objects in the house. This type of display helps to display an item on the opposite side. For example, a mirror positioned to reflect the outside view into the house or rather a large wall mirror can reflect an art piece opposite it.

Displaying the Mirror in One Wall that is Directly Opposite to the Window

This method works best if there are many large mirrors (a mirror combo) in one wall. One cardinal rule is to make sure the mirrors are complementing each other and not competing for attention. It is important to know how to mix and match.

Placing the large wall mirrors directly opposite to the window ensures that there is enough natural lighting hitting the mirror. After all, the beauty of a mirror it is its ability to reflect light all over a room in a dazzling style.

Framing of the Mirrors

There are various methods to frame a mirror. It all depends on the client’s preferences. Framing of a large mirror wall is another unique and beautiful idea of displaying it. An interior designer should try as much as possible to stick to one theme when it comes to framing.

A well large framed foyer mirror on the wall at the entrance hallway portrays style and beauty. There is also a different type of antique mirror named a puzzle mirror, which dazzles the whole environment of a bathroom.

Hang Antique Mirrors

Antique mirrors in a room display traditional beauty. A house owner can hang a large antique mirror above a fireplace or at the place of the piano to accentuate their neutral look. Another method is hanging an antique mirror above modern items also compliments its looks. The mirror adds visual interest into space.

Mirrors on the gallery wall

Displaying a large rectangle or circular mirror makes a wonderful addition to a gallery wall display. This can either be done in the office or better still in the master bedroom wall just above the bed. The mirror illuminates everything especially when they are featured as the central attraction. Identical framing of the mirror and the rest of the gallery brings the look of the whole wall together.

The More the Merrier

This is another way of displaying large wall mirrors. Another way to approach mirrors in a gallery wall is to create an entire display of mirrors. This method of the display works best in a small room. The mirror helps to expand the whole room and adds an artistic twist to a traditional design adage.

Mirror Pendants

An interior designer can add a unique taste by using pendants to hang large beautiful mirrors. This method of the display makes a beautiful hanging wall statement that is more fashion than function. An ideal place for this display is in the dining area where everyone meets after a long day from responsibilities.

Oversized Floor Mirrors

You can find this type of mirror in the dressing room. The massive, ornamentally framed mirror works on so many levels. It gives you all the mirror space you could need, but it also opens up the room beautifully.


In conclusion, large wall mirrors in the office or at home are beautiful and stylish too. It all depends on the method of displaying. An interior designer has to learn and survey the area he or she is decorating to identify the appropriate display to use when placing the large wall mirrors.

Richa Sharma is a freelance author and writes for a variety of online publications. She actively writes blogs and articles and very fond of writing content on different trendy topicss related to Education, training,resources,health and technology.