Carpet or Hardwood Floor – Which is Right for Your Family?

Carpet and hardwood floorings are among the two most popular choices for floor surfaces – both types have unique characteristics making them favorable for different needs. Below, we share the unique features of carpet and hardwood flooring to help you decide the best option for your needs.

Hardwood Floor Cleans Easier

Spilled a drink? Just wipe it clean! Hardwood flooring is easier to clean that way. You do not have to worry about special cleaning services with hardwood flooring’s smooth, solid surfaces.

Meanwhile, spilling any form of liquid on the carpet may leave hard-to-remove stains or worse, discolour the materials when you try to clean them.

Carpet Floor is More Comfortable

Having soft, warm materials under your feet is much more comfortable than standing on hardwood flooring for long periods.

If you have a toddler who is just learning to walk or elderlies who might be prone to falling, carpet flooring will be much gentler for them too.

Hardwood Floor Looks More Luxurious

Hardwood flooring is often chosen as a design choice in residential applications due to its natural material properties, along with the smooth finishing that often accompanies the flooring material.

It can make any residentials look much more luxurious than it is – an effect that carpet floorings usually can not replicate.

Carpet Floor is Warmer

If you stay in a cold climate area, carpet flooring will serve as sound insulation. Having carpet flooring means that you will not directly step onto the cold, hard floor when you wake up on a chilly morning. Carpet flooring also traps heat within its fibers, helping your room to stay a little warmer.

Hardwood Floor Traps Fewer Germs

Aside from being easier to clean, hardwood flooring’s smooth surface also means that fewer germs will be trapped on the surface.

Carpet flooring meanwhile has plenty of porous materials, trapping germs and bacteria when left unclean. If you have a toddler who’s prone to lying on floor surfaces, carpet flooring may not be a good idea.

Carpet Floor is Less Costly

Seen as a luxurious decoration, hardwood flooring is not exactly a budget-friendly option. Carpet flooring meanwhile is a lot more affordable.

You can purchase carpet flooring that best suits your needs, and you can replace them easily every other year. Even with the replacement, the costs are still likely to be lower than that of hardwood floors.

Hardwood Floor can be Refinished

Rarely ever do hardwood flooring needs to be refinished. If you have any scratches or dents in your hardwood floor from years of wear and tear, you can always refinish it to make it look as good as new.

Just look for floor sanding service in Newcastle or any other area that you might reside in, and the professionals will take care of the rest.

Carpet Floor has Better Sound Insulation

If your house has two stories or more, you may want to consider installing carpet flooring on the upper floors. Carpeting is known to keep the floor padded and insulated against warmth and sound, so you will not end up hearing every footstep from the levels above.

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