Choosing the Right Aluminium Composite Panel for the Exterior Facade!

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Aluminium Composite Panel or ACP as many would know is nothing but a sandwich panel which is comprised of two aluminium sheets fused together to create a non-aluminium core. It is a new age material that people use to give a finished and more sophisticated look to building’s exterior, interior applications and also signage. ACP sheets are available in different colours, you can choose solid colours like red, blue, black, or go for galaxy glitter, natural wood, stone, and more. If you are looking for some extraordinary corporate designs, then you must check out Alutech’s ACP sheets.

corporate design

ACP sheets are extremely flexible, you can bend them, fold them, and give them any shape that you want. Designers and architects love to work with ACP sheets.

Now, check out some of the advantages of using Aluminium Composite Panels.

  • They can be easily installed

Aluminium composite panels are extremely lightweight, saying that they are sturdy and strong too. Because of their lightweight quality, they can be easily installed. They don’t require a lot of space and the compactness will allow them to be stored in the given available space easily.

  • Lasts long

Normal metal sheets are always prone to corrosion. But, the aluminium composite panels remain as it is for a longer period. No matter how rude the weather is, ACP sheets deal with it peacefully. If you are looking for a value for money product and something which will not break easily, then ACP sheets are definitely the one for you.

  • Fire retardant

The ACP sheets are fire retardant too. No one would like to invest in a product which is prone to catching fire. Alutech being the best ACP sheets manufacturer in India provides safer ACP sheets. Normal metal sheets when exposed to a higher temperature, will start to melt, however, this is not the case with ACP sheets. You will get enough time to evacuate the building in case of an emergency.

  • Cost-effective

ACP sheets are durable and also worth the money. You don’t pay much but get a product for the lifetime. Since they last longer, they become only a one-time investment. ACP sheets also offer thermal comfort which means during summer, you will save a lot of money on your electricity bills.

  • Low maintenance

Once you install ACP sheets, you will not have to look after it 24 x 7. They need minimum maintenance and you can easily clean them with a normal duster.

How to choose the right ACP sheets for your building?

While going for a corporate design, make sure to pick the right shade of ACP sheets. You would want your design to leave a good impression. That’s why choosing the right exterior façade for your building becomes extremely crucial.

Following are the things to consider before choosing the right ACP sheets:

  • First, check your surroundings. If your construction is covered with lush green trees, then you need to choose a shade which will not clash with the colour of your surroundings.

  • While choosing for the exterior façade, make sure that it compliments your interiors too. You would want both of them to blend well.

  • Go for modern and stylish shades. Choose something which will represent your company’s theme. Choose from a vast variety of shades from one of the best ACP sheets manufacturers in India, Alutech.

  • Don’t go for regular colours. Change is good, especially if it creates a positive aura. Try different samples, look for something uncommon but yet which is not very drastic from your taste.

  • You can also pick some of the traditional shades which look classy. People often create wonderful designs with tradition colours.

  • Create your own design, choose something which will make you stand out from the crowd. Speak to the experts. Get an idea. Tell them what you have in your mind. You can go for wood facades for your building to create a more urban look.

Alutech is known to provide world-class ACP sheets. Choose only the best ACP sheets manufacturer to create that look for your property. Choosing ACP sheets will keep you tension free for ages. Just make sure that the ACP sheet you are choosing for your property matches with your personality and also blend well with the surroundings.

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