Concrete Water Resistant Products- The Myths and Truths

Concrete Waterproofing

There are no ends to how many waterproofing products we get to see in the market regularly. At the same time, it is not necessary that every product which claims to be the best concrete waterproofing is actually the best. Let us understand the products better.

Sodium Silicates: This product was initially used as a concrete floor hardener. This is certainly economic in nature and therefore many constructors claim that this is the best concrete waterproofing solution. While it is agreed that silicates have a strong base as a waterproofing agent, their use is only restricted to concrete surface hardeners. As a waterproof sealer, it behaves poorly and can be an excellent option as a hardener but should not be considered as a solution to water resistance.

Siliconates: Highly alkaline in nature, this water-based solution can be used for water-repulsive impregnation. The water vaporizes from the sealer and then the siliconates responds with the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere and forms a water-resistant base. This has an exceptional water-globule effect and is also a water-resistant option.

Silicate and Siliconate: An actual concrete waterproofing technique is a combination of silicate and siliconate. The solidification components in silicate and the hydrophobic goods of the siliconate together becomes an exceptionally good waterproofing solution for concrete. While the silicates are known to strengthen and siliconates are used to guard the concrete from water, the combination results to a deeperand tougher concrete exterior.

Silanes: The main worsening effect on concrete is weathering. The most active resolution to guard liquid and salts is to use a sealer with a silane base. Silanes don’t alter the slide or slip resistance properties of a concrete. Therefore, they are perfect for driving paths.  They are known to pierce deep since the molecule size is extremely small and they chemically link with silica which helps in formation of a permanent water resistance. This can be a good concrete waterproofing solution.

Siloxanes: With big sized polymer, the diffusion isn’t as deep as silane. The potential of a siloxane is maximized when it is used along with silanes. The combination surely makes a very exceptional water beading effect.

A deep penetrating concrete proofing attribute

While there can be many brands that claim that the waterproofing sealers are all pervasive and can actually guarantee complete water resistance, many manufacturers aren’t being completely honest in their marketing. Understanding a sealer, there are 2 kinds.

  • Topical sealer: This leaves a film like coating in the surface but doesn’t give a complete protection from moisture.

  • Penetrating sealer: These are the ones that are discussed above, and a combination can really work well as a concrete waterproofing sealer. The aim is to protect and not stop. Once the concrete is protected from extensive water damage, the chances of rest of the water damage related aspects are seen to be minimized.

Concrete Waterproofing

Building industry often faces quality issues and it is seen that inappropriate or faulty concrete waterproofing is the main cause for such an occurrence. Faulty construction proofing can result from insufficient surface preparation time, incorrect membrane application and/or insufficient curing time. A building’s natural and overall reliability is can be irreversibly compromised as a result of incomplete or faulty water proofing. So, it is considered imperative for any builder to have a working knowledge about the products that can be used as true waterproofing elements as well as the selection process of best contractors to ensure the end result is flawless. A deep insight to the product circulation helps in making the right choice.

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