Contact plumber in Zirakpur for avoiding loss of water due to leakage

Water is one of the many basic necessity of our lives. We need plenty of water on day to day basis and cannot imagine even a second without it. People and government try to take as many measures as possible to save this resource. But does these measures actually help? A recent study revealed that about 25% of water that is supplied to Chandigarh; that can provide 50,000 households, is being wasted on a daily basis due to underground leakage and unmetered water stands in housing societies. This leads to a daily loss of approximately 15 crore to the municipal corporation for the past 15 years. We should contribute and do our part in saving water. How can you help the municipal corporation you might think? The answer is, by checking for leakages in your homes. If you live in Zirakpur then you can contact plumber in Zirakpur to do your part in avoiding water waste from leakage. As they say, good things begin at home.

How to Detect Water Leakage

  • Use your water meter to detect leakage: checking your water meter is the best way to detect the leakage in your plumbing system. If you know how to read the meters then you can do it yourself but if you are unsure then ask a plumber to do it for you.
  • Leaking faucets: out of all the possible leakage that happens daily, the most water leakage happens through leaking taps. If you have a leaking faucet, fix it immediately so as to avoid water wastage.
  • Leaking Toilets: leaking toilets can waste up to many hundreds of gallons of water daily. The worst thing is that you may not even realize it. To check if the toilet is leaking, put a few drops of food coloring or dye in your flush tank. Wait for 30 minutes without flushing. If you see color in your toilet, it means your toilet is leaking. Repairing a leaking toilet is very inexpensive.

Underground leaks

  1. Look around your house and see if you find any areas or walls that are wet.
  2. Look in your garage/driveway or street for an evidence of water flow.
  3. Look at your water meter and note down the reading. Don’t run water n your house for a few hours. Look at the meter reading again. If it has changed then there is an underground leak in your house.

Water is a necessity and life is not possible without it. It is our moral duty to save the resources of the earth. So much water is wasted on a daily basis that it wouldn’t be a surprise if we run out of it one day. We should do as much as we can to save our earth and our future on earth. The loss of water that happens on a daily basis is terrible. If Chandigarh is where you live then you should do your part in saving water. Contact plumber in Chandigarh to help you in fixing your plumbing issues.

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