Creative, Innovative Office Design

Melbourne might have lost the race to become Australia’s political or national capital city over a hundred years ago, but there’s no doubt that it’s the nation’s capital of fashion, art and culture. Although Tasmania boasts the Museum of Old and New Arts, and Sydney has its colonial architecture and sandstone cathedral, it’s Melbourne that is home to a thriving community of creative people. Artists, musicians, writers and culture creators of all sorts live and work in Melbourne, making it one of the world’s greatest places to find any kind of creative work. This extends to the field of interior design, which combines uncompromising functionality with fashion-forward fun, leaving well-designed rooms looking and working like an absolute dream.

Interior Office Design

Although many Melbournites (particularly those in the creative arena) dread going to work in a cubicle farm, office spaces can be beautiful when given the right interior design treatment. If you’re working full time, you’ll spend at least forty hours every week in your office, which is why you want the office itself to be an enjoyable, aesthetically pleasing space in which to find yourself. If your office team gets to walk into a colourful, vibrant office with morning coffee in hand, their productivity will skyrocket along with their morale.

Fitting the Office Out

The design process won’t be quick – very few things worth doing ever are – as you need to take into consideration your business’ branding, reputation and the service you provide. If your office is a sales floor that sells children’s toys, for example, a bright colour scheme with child-friendly furniture will create a great first impression on any visiting clients, and remind your office workers of the good work that your team does every day. Similarly, charities often focus on one colour for their branding, so if you’ve got a colour that you use prominently, you can display that throughout your office, creating a consistent, professional aesthetic that boosts your workers’ morale. Of course, you might not want to opt for a modular design, and instead work with the design company to produce a bespoke office space tailored to the specific needs of your business and your workers. Whatever your design process, the eventual product must encapsulate your business’s mission and ethos.

Once you’ve finished with the design stage, you’ll want to start working on bringing that design to life. Some designers abandon their clients at this stage, leaving them with the brunt of the work to do in creating their dream office. The best office design companies also perform fit outs in Melbourne, and will do so for an affordable price. The specific furniture, fittings and features of your newly designed office will need to be provided, which is why it’s always best to work with an interior design company that works on the fit-out stage as well, leaving your design in steady, professional hands. The construction and fitting phase is vital, as it brings your design from paper to the physical, tangible world, and as such is incredibly important to get right.

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