Determining What Style of House to Buy

Every home has a unique style and so does each family. When you are planning to buy a home, you want to purchase one that matches your family’s activities and lifestyle. According to Great Traditions of Cincinnati OH, the answers to a few questions will help you determine what home will be the right one for your family. How many bedrooms do you need? Do you want a home office? Does your family love to cook? Do you need extra storage space for bicycles, kayaks, or other sports equipment? The answers tell you what rooms are important and how much space you need for your family to be comfortable. The appearance of your home is also important. Perhaps one of the following home designs is just what you want.

Craftsman Style

Not as popular as they once were, the craftsman style home’s exterior is usually designed with wood and stone. At one time, this style of home was designed to reject the changes that came with mass production. Today the craftsman home is just a reminder of the beauty created by the combination of elements from nature. Modern craftsman style homes tend to be smaller and cozy.

Country Style

A great family home, the country style is large, inviting, and reminiscent of the early colonial style home. The front door features windows on either side of the front door. Porches, shutters, dormers, and wood trims are prominent in the country home. It’s a popular home with a place for everyone and plenty of fun nooks and crannies.

European Style

According to Huffpost Home, if you love the look of old France, England, and other places in Europe, this style may be perfect for you. A stone fireplace is usually the centerpiece of the great room, and there is lots of wood detail as well. The elegant look of an old squire’s home with all the comforts modern technology provides makes the European style home very charming.

Mediterranean Style

This home style is very popular. Almost any floor plan can fit this house. The interior is spacious with large rooms and at least one beautiful staircase. The exterior is usually plaster with wood and stone accents. The roofs are often covered in decorative tiles, reminiscent of southern Spain or Italy. The Mediterranean style home will have a lovely patio and may also feature a charming courtyard. The spaciousness of this style is popular with families.

Perhaps your home style is among these, but don’t worry if it isn’t. Architects are designing new homes and floor plans continually and one is certain to catch your eye.

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