Different Types of Sun Equipment Used Forklifts For Sale

When it comes to forklifts, the market is filled with wide array of forklift types depending on your needs and applications. Generally, they come with the same function, which is moving heavy material from one point to another.

However, the differences in operation will allow you to handle various materials, including hazardous equipment that will affect the overall safety of your workplace.

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We decided to present to you the most popular forklift types you can find on the market:

1.Counterbalance Forklifts

The most common option that you have probably seen in every warehouse is counterbalance forklifts. They are used in indoor areas for handling heavy materials and come with straightforward operation depending on your needs.

They come with dual forks at the front, while the weight is balanced on the back so that you can place the load in the front without potential problems. You can find diesel, propane, and electric models depending on your preferences.

2.Reach Forklift Trucks

The main difference between counterbalance and reach forklift trucks is in the increased lift height that could go up to ten meters depending on your preferences. It is a perfect option for warehouses that feature high-rise pallets and racking systems.

However, they are not for outdoor use. Remember that they come with stabilizing legs in front of them for additional support.

Therefore, they do not require counterbalance similarly as other types. You can find electric models that are the most common solutions for warehouse purposes.

You can find three types of forklifts:

  • Double Deep Trucks – They come with long forks, and you can use them for multiple pallet loads, which will ultimately improve your productivity and efficiency.
  • Stand-Up Trucks – These are the most common options when it comes to reaching forklifts, and they can handle only a single load, which is an essential consideration for maintaining overall safety.
  • Saddle Trucks – These trucks come with long forks as well as grips on the edges, to improve overall stability. They are suitable for various loads simultaneously, which means that you can boost the overall efficiency.

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3.Three-Wheel Counterbalance Forklifts

When it comes to three-wheel forklifts, they are highly similar to four-wheel ones we have mentioned above. However, the main advantage, as well as difference is exceptional maneuverability so that you can handle narrow spaces and aisles.

4.Rough Terrain

Similarly, as the name suggests, this particular type is generally made for outdoor usage, especially in construction areas that come with uneven surfaces. They come with thick threads and inflatable tires to maintain the overall stability wherever you go.

They also feature robust and powerful engines that can reach high speeds, which means that you will be able to transport heavy loads without any additional hassle. At the same time, they come with counterbalance, which will reduce the chances of tipping.

5.Side Loader

If your warehouse is in a narrow environment, you can get this particular type. They come with forks that are on the sides, which means that you can handle long loads, including sheets, piping, and timber, among other things.

The most common one features an enclosed cab, which is used outdoors for particular purposes. On the other hand, you can also find stand up models that are perfect for indoor tasks. Finally, multi-way models can rotate 90 degrees, which will provide you all-direction transportation.

6.Telescopic Handler

This is a forklift for agricultural purposes, you should consider this particular one because it can handle the heavy lifting with ease. They are similar to small cranes, which means that you can use it for heavy-duty needs and requirements.

Since they come with telescopic boom, you will be able to implement attachments such as pallet fork, bucket, and lift table depending on your preferences.

Versatile machinery will provide you the ability to complete a work at significant heights, which is something that regular types cannot handle.

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Before you let anyone operate these pieces of machinery, you should check out if he/she has proper training and certification to prevent problems such as accidents. That way, you will be able to rest assured and use them to improve overall productivity, among other things.

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