DIY Project- Utilize Wasted Things to Build Table Base, Place Glass Top & Create Amazing Table

It is incredible how almost everything in this modern society with only proper finishing can be turned into stunning furniture pieces. When compared to the recent past, the community was not open-minded and the Bureau of standards controlled most products obtained by consumers. Therefore, unlike today where you can easily name an object and drag it in your private space polish it up and use it as furniture the past options were really limited. Below are examples of ways in which you can utilize wasted things to build table base, place glass tables and create amazing Tables designs.

Tree Trunk Side Tables  

The tree trunk is the woody part of the tree, the stem, where the tree branches grow from. Over the recent past, if you would have asked me whether we can get beautiful furniture from neglected tree trunks I would have told you, you are out of your mind. Tree trunks are what we call logs in our day to day activities. They usually are hideous with protruding branches and other cut parts. Surprisingly the rustic feeling of cut out pieces adds to the beauty of the trunk. A gentle, tender loving and care are needed to smoothen out the rough patches on the trunk and flatten the top of the trunk to create a soft flat table top. This alone is enough for a side table and can be used in the living room beside the sofas and armchairs. However, you can add to the table by adding a round glass table top. I can be screwed in to place after determining the right size of glass is needed. You are not allowed to attach a big piece of glass for the table top won’t be balanced at the bay. In the end, you will have a beautiful glass table. It can be used in the living area or the bedroom besides the bed.

Timber Stacked Base Nest Coffee Table

How many times do you find the use of small pieces of timber in modern society? Usually what would come in mind is to light a bonfire with them. However, when the very many pieces of wood are collected and stacked together, they form an excellent base for a table. The trick in this is to cut the different lengths of the wood into a uniform height then stack them together using either a rope or a wire and ensure that they are held in place tightly. After that you will have a broad base that is if we are considering you picked up a significant number this waste timber pieces. With the flat bottom, you can easily place a round glass table top on the stack of timber and make sure you screw it to the centermost piece of wood. Also, you can do away with the idea of joining the pieces of wood with a rope, and instead you can randomly nail them to one another until you form a stack. However, the rope would have been a good idea as it would have helped guide the color of the other interior décor in the space where this table would have been placed. This can, therefore, be a fantastic glass coffee table.

Rustic Log the Glass Table

Logs are rare commodities within the city so you will have to move upcountry for one. They are wastes from trees that are cut down. In this idea, I have no intention of being very neat since we need the rustic feel of the log to serve as the design of the table. Therefore, immediately from the waste where there are many unevenly cut tree trunks you try and find one with a lot of branches spreading from the stem. The idea is to use the branches as the holders of the glass and the stem as the considerable base that would hold the whole table in place. However, you should be considerate on how strong the branches should be because you wouldn’t want weak branches that would break after some time. Another idea is to find the freshly cut tree trunk so that you can unpeel the back of the stem and treat it after successful peeling so that it can last longer. After doing all that level out the branches so that you can have a flat surface where you can easily place your glass and screw it to the centermost branch. If possible, try finds a large piece of log because it would be great as a glass coffee tables for the living room.

Beautiful Colored Wooden Pallet Base Glass Table

We don’t need always to find wooden trash pieces so that we can make beautiful table pieces from. A used wooden pallet is also enough. It is advantageous because it already has a structure all you need to do is to bring the pieces together. You can stack two wooden pallets together, depending on the height of the glass table you want to make. Make sure you attach the two stretchers together by screwing them along on all sides. With the already flat base all you have to do is to attach a rectangular glass top on the stack of the pallet, and you are good to go. However, you can repaint the pallets to the color of your choice for that cheerful look.

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