Do You Need to Replace Your Flat Roof

Flat roofs require roofing materials that differ from other types of roofs. Today, you can find a long-lasting roofing material by opting for an EPDM roof. An EPDM roof is a rubber roofing membrane that is considered exceptionally durable.

Some of the Benefits and Features

An EPDM roof is made of two primary ingredients, propylene and ethylene, which are derived from natural gas and oil. Roofers in Bradford state that some of the features of an EPDM roof include the following:

  • The roof is available in both white and black.
  • EPDM roofs are sold in a large range of widths.
  • The roofs are featured in single-ply panels.
  • The roofs normally come with a 20-year guarantee.
  • The roofs, which are fitted in one piece, feature no joints, which prevents the formation of leaks.
  • The roofs are flexible, even when temperatures are low, thereby permitting year-round installation.
  • The roofing material is environmentally friendly.

How an EPDM Rubber Roof Is Installed

When an EPDM roof is installed, roofers take the following steps:

  • The current roof is stripped and the boards are checked, fixed, or replaced.
  • The EPDM panel is adhered to the deck.
  • Edge trimming is fitted around the roof.

A Long-lasting Roof

This roofing material is known for its unmatched resistance to the ozone, temperature extremes, and the effects of UV radiation. It is a popular flat roof material because of its life expectancy – today’s EPDM roofs can be expected to last half a century. Therefore, many of these roofs are still intact after several homeowners have lived in a house.


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