Dogs or Alarm Systems – Which is Better?

Many people are considering dogs to be the primary help in maintaining the security of household from burglars. With this misconception, there is no doubt why there are still reported cases of robbery and other crimes happening in different households. It simply means that there must be another option to consider when it comes to safety and security of your home. If that is the case, alarm system is of great help.

Alarm system is safer, less expensive and a better protection as compare to a dog. It presents less risk of career and financial ruin. Other reasons that you may consider regarding the idea of knowing what is better between a dog or alarm system when it comes to providing safety and security:

  • Burglars are normally stealing that can even kill your dogs.

  • The function of alarm system may go beyond providing protection from the possibility of fire.

  • Based on a study, from 177 people who are killed by dogs, only 1 was the burglar, yet 7 out of the 10 were kids.

Alarm system may require you only of one-time cost. But when it comes to dogs, you need to feed them and visit a veterinarian from time to time to secure their health status. It is also important to spend time with your dogs, which you will not do with your alarm system. This kind of protection system will not present any possibility of career ruin or financial ruin, but your dog does.

Alarm systems will surely help you in protecting all your important belongings, whether you are in your home or not. Compared to dogs, when you leave them alone, there will be a possibility of creating mess in your house unless you will just tie them or put them in their dog house. If this is the case, how can these dogs protect your house from burglars? But, if your home is protected with alarm system, you will surely have peace of mind that comes with a complete protection. To find the best one you may consider SmartThings reviews to give you guide on the things to consider in having a great experience from an alarm system.

However, it is important to not just buy any alarm system but be sure to consider the best and with high quality for optimum protection. There are alarm systems the feature window and door sensors as well as motion detectors and siren of alarm system. These are considerably louder as compare to the dog’s bark.

If your alarm system is professionally installed, it can automatically contact authorities too if it is stripped. It is really difficult of finding a dog that will do that.

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