Energy-saving Patio Doors

A patio is a great way to expand your home and offer some outdoor space. Your friends and family can gather on a patio on a nice day and enjoy the weather. Patios provide great places to cook out and enjoy each other’s company. However, there is one massive drawback to a patio: the door. The patio door is likely the biggest door in your house, save the garage door. They are large and provide openings for criminals as well as bad weather. Many patio doors on the market don’t effectively block the transfer of heat, nor do they properly protect you from criminals because of their sheer size. The size of patio doors presents many weak points that bad actors can exploit. Also, if they are not properly insulated, they will fail to protect you from heat exchange. Doors that large cannot afford to lack insulation, and you can’t afford the rising heating and cooling costs.

Heating and Cooling Costs

Heating and cooling your home is a matter of keeping the outside air from invading your home. During the winter, you have to keep the cold air from getting into your home and cooling down your house. That would mean you would have to run your heater more often to keep your home comfortable. During the summer, you need to keep the warm air from heating your home. Sunlight coming through the window as well as hot air transferring energy through your walls are the two most common ways that your home gets heated up by a lack of insulation. Quality bi-fold doors from a reliable manufacturer can reduce the amount you have to spend on heating and cooling.

These doors are often made of timber. Wood is a great insulator, and you can tell how well it works by comparing your doors to your windows. If you touch the inside of your window, it is probably closer to the temperature outside. However, if you touch the inside of a wooden door, it is probably closer to the temperature inside. That’s because wood insulates against heat transfer. Great timber patio doors work like this. They reduce the heat transfer, which saves you heating and cooling costs.

Secure Doors

Folding patio doors are often susceptible to bad actors–the more joints a door has, the more weak points it has. That’s why so few folding doors are certified by the security administrations of the UK. If you are looking for a good patio door, you should look for one that it is safety certified. You need to be assured that your door will keep you secure. That is the only way to keep your friends and family safe, and it’s also a great way to buy some peace of mind.

Patio doors can either be a benefit or a liability. If you buy a low-quality timber patio door, it will be a liability. If you buy a quality, certified timber patio door, you will benefit from it. It will reduce your heating and cooling costs as well as keep you safer.

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