Entertainment Units to Add Elegance to Our Room

Entertainment units or Urban TV units refer to the supporting accessories or the assemblage required for watching Television with family or elsewhere. In the urbanized lifestyle of today, people like to have a table with drawers where TV and its mountings can be inserted safely and used whenever required. An Entertainment unit fulfils this purpose for both wall mounted or table mounted TV’s. Such a unit is equipped with a cabinet for placing set top box, DVD player, remote control operators, speakers etc. Entertainment units must be robust or made of strong materials so that they can be used without any wear and tear for many years since their purchasing date. In other words, durability is a significant characteristic for selecting the best items.

TV entertainment Units are mostly black in colour. However, they are found in alternate colors like wedge. These have a characteristic matt finish. These are built of supreme quality materials like engineered wood, particle board etc. TV units come in standardized product dimensions. The buyer gets an instruction manual with the TV units with guidelines for proper assemblage. Most of such entertainment units come with product replacement or money refund policy. Some of the best brands in the category of Entertainment units are RoyalOakandBluewud.

  • TV Stand

A TV stand can be made of particle board and is mostly black in colour. The standard dimensions are 35in. x15. 5in.x20in.Its fabrication requires carpenter assembly. It has an elegant design. So, its presence makes the room look sophisticated. They are available at a price of 2900 INR approximately.

  • TV Table

It is an elegant set where each piece is fabricated with high standard automated machines. It is made of premium grade engineered wood. The dimensions are 101 cmX 40.5 cmX 42.5 cm. Such sets add sophistication to living room decorum. The cabinet accommodates TV, set top box, DVD players, speakers and even home theatre. In addition, one can place décor items, books etc. in the shelves.

  • TV Rack with Wheels

This TV assembly has a highly stylized look and is portable. It is made out of engineered wood. Its standard dimensions are generally 80cmX40 cm X48cm. It is available at cost effective rates. This product also comes with assembly instructions and a warrantee card at the time of its purchase.

  • Set Top Box Holder

This product is a good furniture piece and enhances our room decorum, whether offices or living rooms. It is made out of wood and is available in various designs including contemporary. It also comes with basic hardware. This product is available to the buyer in a pre-assembled state.

  • Wooden TV Unit with LED Stand

Wooden TV unit LED stand is one of the most popular entertainment units made of high quality engineered wood. It consists of open shelves for storage where the accessories can be kept unless required for TV watching. Besides comfort factor, this unit adds to the room decorum. It is easy to suspend and comes with hardware. It is available in various colors such as black. It has a characteristic matt finish. The product is simple to handle and can be easily managed by a Do it yourself buddy. At the time of product purchase, the buyer gets assembly instructions.

  •  Wall TV Unit for Hanging TV Sets

A Wall TV unit is an assemblage required for Television sets hung on walls. Such entertainment units are placed in-front of the hanging TV. These are available in many colors including black or wedge and in contemporary styles. These units are made of engineered wood with Melamine Laminate. The product has a standard dimension with length of 49 inches, width of 12 inches and a height of 11inches. The buyer needs to assemble the set and must refer to the Do it yourself instructions for the same.

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