Essential Services for Outdoor Events

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The cost of living never goes down and this affects everything we do, and that includes putting on a show or corporate event. More and more organisations are looking at outdoor venues, obviously with summer in mind, and aside from the regular menu of raves and pop festivals, other activities are now using a more natural backdrop. The benefits of a rustic setting are many, including very low costs for setting up the event, and providing that ambience works for the event, it is an attractive alternative to a hall, in more ways than one.


You will certainly need toilet facilities and there is affordable toilet units for hire in Leeds, with a range of units or varying sizes that can cater for large numbers. Marquee tents are also available, and if it is a summer event, a large marquee would be ideal. For VIP guests, there are luxurious toilet/shower units, and very elegant hospitality trailers that offer the ultimate in luxury.


LED solutions allow for bright lights and there are companies that specialise in catering for large outdoor events, with a variety of lighting solutions. The stage area should be well lit and event catering companies would be able to supply all forms of lighting, for every situation.

Car Parking

It is very important that there is adequate parking, and with the infamous British weather, you need to make sure that the intended car park won’t turn into a mud pit in the event of heavy rain. Access is essential for setting up the event and you should expect more vehicles rather than less, just in case. Don’t forget signs, which would need to begin at the nearest main road and be spaced out to provide clear directions and you might want to have a car park attendant, who can ensure that parking is orderly.

Online solutions

Whether you need toilet unit hire in Leeds, or an outside caterer in Manchester, an online search will give you a list of potential companies that are experienced in setting up outdoor events. Be very specific about your needs and always remember that rain can happen anytime in the UK, so you really need adequate cover should the heavens open.


Of course, there will be a show, which might consist of a live performance, or it might be that all important product launch, and you will need half a dozen cordless microphones. Modern systems allow a person to wear an almost invisible headset that is a perfect mic, and you would need to have several rounds of testing to ensure that everything is as it should be.

Of course, you will need suitable seating, and the chances are, your outside caterer will supply this, especially if there is to be a dinner. The ground needs to be suitable for heavy traffic, and preferably not grass, as rain will certainly cause a problem. There are many online companies that hire out all kinds of things specifically for outdoor events, and once you have made contact with a reliable supplier, you can begin to plan the event.

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