Exciting New Ideas for Revamping the Basement

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Basement is one of the areas in a home that is often overlooked. But with some clever revamping, a basement not only adds value to the home and increase its selling potential, but can turn into very useful additional space every home is in need of.

You can transform your basement into an amazing utility space, entertainment room or practically any other room you can dream of. Here are a few smart revamping ideas that power up your basement space and convert it from a lowly dumping space for odds and ends, to a truly valued space in your home.

Get rid of the clutter

The first step in executing your basement renovation ideas is to clear the basement of the clutter that has built up in it. Most often all the unwanted and unused or occasionally used things find their way down to the basement just as you store things in the attic.

At Basement Finishing Company you will find splendid renovations ideas that are great for your home and pocket too. Once you have your basement empty, you will realize its true potential. Here are some revamping ideas to begin with.


Play room: Dartboards are synonymous with basements. The setup is easy and as a starter step this would be an inexpensive one to try and most importantly adds lots of fun.

Idea 2

Chill out room: There is nothing more unsightly than a basement pole. But even these can be turned into a design element. Highlight the pole with some artwork, add bright lighting to the central part of the space and use the pole as an anchor for a sumptuous snack bar.


Guest room: Having the family visit is indeed an occasion to rejoice. An additional space for family members to relax and enjoy is a great boon at such times.  With some nifty planning, you can easily make the basement a welcoming space where guest can enjoy in luxury.

Idea 4

Movie Room: With the amount of lighting a basement usually has, it makes an excellent space for a movie room. All you need is setting up the electrical part and some well-planned framing. With a projector and motorized screen set up, you will want to have movie night every day.


Family room: Not having adequate space for a family room? Why not use the basement as a den or family room where you and the children can relax. Extending your existing family room will be an expensive project. The basement space is just sitting there for you to add life to it.


Dining or kitchenette: Even if the ventilation is insufficient, you can find ways to make the basement into a liveable space particularly if it is a full sized room. A dining area or small kitchenette would be great additions. In fact, you will have a warm and cozy space to escape from the biting chill during winter months.

With some smart improvisation, you can revamp the basement into your own personal space or one for the whole family to enjoy. And all these need not be expensive. You can DIY most of the basement ideas with some minor professional assistance on the side.

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