Hanging pictures in style!

How to hang frames on the wall while giving style to the room? Frames, tables and pictures are part of our daily decorating process, we increasingly want to do good and beautiful. Whether we have a lot of similar frames, family photos you can either accumulate without choking or mixing tables, following are a few tips that will help you hang with style your work on the wall!

  1. Earn images on the walls with red thread

With a principle of unity of tone in the tables and images, or both, you can hang a lot of frames vertically or horizontally, or mix the two, but still in a thread, a predetermined pattern, tape or a corner, or else watch the suffocation.

Have its frames horizontal band

To animate and dress a wall length, family photos in black or white frames were accumulated in a horizontal band on the wall of this room.

Set frames vertical strip

On one wall of this small room, we chose only black frames Ikea to frame portraits of black children and white and are accumulated in a vertical column to give up and live with the vertical stack of books.

Occupy a corner of a wall with frames

Ideal for hosting a series of rooms in angle, prints at the same size, same colour and same frames were placed either horizontally or vertically, to be like a drawing and highlight volumes walls.

Dressing the corridor management

To give presence to a deep corridor was chosen to decorate all the way with a series of frames of different sizes but the same light wood tones.

2. Spoiling paintings on the wall: the art of mixing Mix colours and gilding

The trick to mix old mottled frames or inherited with contemporary Rococo is to diversify the forms with ovals and rectangles, and customize vintage with colour for some frames, painted, and I leave some without canvas to bring out the colour of the background.

Mixer boards naturalists and travel souvenirs

To brighten up the wall of a small room as a toilet, an eclectic hooking shots hearts, butterflies windows, frames, mirrors, shelves and memories we adopt, renew according to his findings.

Mix old grouping prints and photographs

At great expense to decorate an entry and make spectacular baroque, is chosen as the artistic director Sacha Walckhoff, diverse and eclectic mix of frames, sizes, patterns and different materials on the entire wall like wallpaper.

3. Floor standing frames and tables: Art in Freedom

Ask ground splashes of colour

By asking to earth against the wall, a few discreet pictures, black and white sketches and red juice, lower wall colours on dresses and accentuates the workshop of a painter collector effect.

Floor standing prospects

In this raid, we chose to ask tables Moroccan photographs earth, giant formats that give a casual appearance, contribute to the artist’s studio atmosphere, and whose images give a sense of escape. To make this living room at Hotel Anastasy in Avignon, only a few paintings in the same colours as the room punctuate the wall warm keys, and give it back the volume and softness.

Attach two naturalist paintings over a single table still life

To animate a corner, two animal paintings meets a sculpture installation and bouquet on table skated, as in a museum. Two contemporary works hang in the middle of a white wall.

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