Hiring an Air Conditioning Company: What to Look For

HVAC systems have become part and parcel of every home and office setup. While these appliances help keep our homes and offices comfortable (cool or warm), they too break down with time hence need regular servicing and good maintenance. While you may be tempted to service most of this equipment, HVAC systems are delicate and use toxic refrigerants that if spilled can have devastating effects on your health.

Although you still need to take good care of the equipment, only a certified and experienced technician should be allowed to service these appliances. HVAC contractors are highly trained and knowledgeable of many of the systems on the market today, hence can help prevent a disaster/emergency. Hiring a qualified air conditioning company also safeguards the equipment from damage and improves its performance as well. One however needs/have to go through a list of potential companies to find the right one of the job. This isn’t always an easy task for many. Outlined below are however some of the key factors to look for when in search for an air conditioning company.

1. Licensing

The first step to finding the right company is by checking to ensure it is certified and licensed to operate within the state. Always ask for an HVAC contractor license before allowing anyone to supply or handle any of your equipment. Hiring a licensed company/contractor protects not only the equipment but also helps avoid a lawsuit or any other consequences of a shoddy job. Asking for a licensing certificate also helps eliminate con-artists and unqualified personnel.

2. Contractor Insurance

Licensing alone isn’t enough to make you hire air conditioning companies in Malta. It’s advisable to check whether its contractors/employees have an insurance cover on them. As mentioned earlier, heating and ventilation equipment run on toxic gasses (Freon for example), which can be a major health risk if one is exposed to. Most air conditioning companies provide a worker’s compensation plan for their employees, as well as an insurance policy covering both the contractor and the equipment being handled. Hiring an insured contractor, therefore, protects you from liabilities that come with the job.

3. Experience and Service Contracts

Some form of experience in air conditioning system is required on the field, which is why you should consider hiring someone with several years of experience in the field. Some air conditioning units may use the ‘good old’ technology that a contractor needs proper understanding of, to service or handle any major repairs. You may also want to look at the company’s portfolio and the number of projects they have managed successfully before making the final decision.

4. Ratings and Customer Reviews

While the company’s portfolio may seem clean and enticing, you still need to play it safe by seeing what previous clients and customers have to say about the company. Reading through customer reviews and testimonials can help have an idea of what to expect, and what angle to use when engaging the company.

Looking into or interviewing at least 3 companies before making the final decision can help you understand the market much better, and find the most qualified contractor for the job. Some patience and little research is required to find the right company. Be sure to discuss costs with the company before signing any contract with them.