How to Inspect a Roof for Damage and Necessary Repairs

Most repairs needed on the roof of a house are caused by damage due to high winds or hailstones. However, poorly-installed roofing membrane or tiles can also cause roof leaks that can damage the interior of a house. Fortunately, there are ways to spot roofing issues before too much damage is done to your home.

Inspect After Storms

After strong storms have passed through your area, you should do a quick inspection of your roof from the inside and the ground. Go up to the attic to look for signs of water leaks and to see if the sky is visible through the roof if the attic doesn’t have a ceiling.

From outside your home, you can walk around the perimeter to look on the ground for tiles that have been blown off, granules from the surface of tiles, and tiles on the roof that look loose or are missing. If part of the roof is flat, look for pooling water, rusted flashings, and roof membrane pulling away from the edges of the roof.

Get Inspection

If you notice some of these signs, contact companies that provide roofing services in Ilkeston for an inspection. Roofing companies have the right equipment to safely go onto a roof and inspect it for damage.

Some damage can be repaired without requiring a roof replacement, including:

  • Replacing tiles
  • Replacing flashings
  • Repairing drainage problems

However, if your house is older, a roof replacement may be a good option to maintain your home’s value.

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