How to Upgrade your Home Office with Style

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In an effort to balance our work and home lives, a dedicated home office space is now more important than ever. Whether you work from home full-time or only occasionally, having an inviting and stylish space is important for creativity and motivation.Here we show you how you can carve out your own dedicated work space (even in an open plan setting) and make it an appealing area of your home.

Light cove in a coffered ceiling

Light cove in a coffered ceiling

Why is a Home Office so Important?

Unlike sitting on the couch with your laptop, having a dedicated home office space has many benefits. It will:

  • Keep other areas of your home free of work items
  • Give you a sense of “going to work” and a purposeful mood
  • Save time commuting, making you more available to other commitments when needed
  • Help you to set limits on work time and disengage when it’s family time

Customizing your Work Space

This is as important to creativity and productivity as the tools you use.The functionality of your office will determine how efficiently and happily you work. When designing your office, consider these key factors:

1. Storage

Although technology has reduced our need to file reams of paper in traditional filing cabinets, adequate storage is still required so clutter doesn’t overflow to the rest of your home.

Purpose-built wall units, bookcases and desktops can be made to meet your exact needs. At the end of the work day everything can be placed behind closed doors which will keep the area tidy and help you to switch off mentally.

When considering the layout of your storage units take into consideration any reference materials such as text books and manuals that you need ready access to. Ensure these can be easily reached on shelves that are close to your desk.

Enlisting the help of a professional designer will mean your home office has everything you need, both functionally and ergonomically.

Custom bookcases allow clutter-free storage

Custom bookcases

Custom bookcases

2. Lighting

Forget the harsh fluorescent lighting of a traditional office and opt for lighting that offers a softer glow. A light cove in a coffered ceiling adds a clean, elegant look.Not only do theyadd drama and interest, they also work well in an open plan space where you need definition of an area. Rather than erecting a wall or partition, this option keeps your space open whilst defining the office as a separate functional area.

The dramatic effect of a light cove in a coffered ceiling draws the eye upwards giving the room the appearance of greater height and an upscale finish.

The light cove in this coffered ceiling delivers an even distribution of light into the space

3. Decorate with your personality in mind

No one wants to work in a drab office! Décor that is stylish and inviting will give you a space that you enjoy going into.

  • Try incorporating some glass-panelled doors on storage units so you can display decorative pieces that you love without taking up valuable desk space.
  • As well as adequate overhead lighting, close-work lighting may also be needed. Invest in a lamp that suits your style and that can be easily switched on when required.
  • Stationery holders for the home office have never been more diverse. Once the main structures of your office are in place, have fun choosing stylish and personal items that complement your new home office.

Keeping these key ideas at the centre of your home office design will mean the end result is stylish, beautiful and a place you’ll enjoy coming back to each day.

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