Mighty Vaporizer: Quick Guide To Get The Most Out Of The Vaporizer

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One of the leading vaporizer in the market today is the Mighty vaporizer. The device is manufactured by Storz and Bickel and offers amazing features and innovative hybrid heating technology. This device gives a tough competition to other high-end vaporizers. You know why? Read on to know details.

Mighty Vaporizer image

Hybrid Heating

Well, not many of you with the Mighty vaporizers are not aware of the hybrid heating technology. Don’t worry, we will explain. In this, the hot air passes your dry herbs with convection vapes and heat the herbs nicely and evenly. Now, most of the vaporizers today offers convection and conduction heating technology, right? In convection methods, it takes a little longer than the usual to heat the herbs. On the other hand, conduction heating quickly heats the herbs, but the herbs often vaped inefficiently and unevenly.

So, what is hybrid heating? Well, combining both the conduction and convection heating makes the hybrid heat, which offers excellent results. You will get thick cloud vapes with full amazing flavors. You will surely experience the flavorful and smoothest hits which Mighty.

Top of the line features

The Mighty offers a bundle of features which makes it one of the best vaporizers in the market today. You get a fully digital control with an LCD screen at the base of the device, and you can easily control the device with much ease. Also, the heat up time is excellent and usually takes around 80-90 seconds. The device comes with lithium-ion charged batteries, which last longer than the usual batteries and allow you to enjoy vapor for a good long time.

Although the device is outstanding in itself, but you can take a few steps to optimize your needs and get a better taste. Below are a few ways that will help you get the best vaping experience.

Tip: Clean the Cooling Unit

Well, Mighty is equipped with a game-changing cooling unit which is built right into the swiveling mouthpiece. You will get flavorful and smooth vapors using the vaporizer. But, if you want to get the best vaping experience make sure you clean the device properly. As long as the vaporizer stays clean, you will enjoy a quality experience.

Many people find it difficult to clean the vaporizer. Need tips? You can keep the unit clean by filling the jar or a container with isopropyl alcohol. Then, you need to disassemble the device and soak it in the solution for an hour or so. Then just wash out and get a clean vaporizer.

Make sure you remove the rubber O-rings of the Mighty’s mouthpiece before cleaning in alcohol as it can get damaged when to soak for too long.

Tip: Use the Autofill

Do you consider yourself as an expert in filling the herbs in the vaporizer? Even the experienced users spill the herbs around when loading up. So, autofill tool is necessary. Obviously, you don’t want to create a mess around. This will add up to wasting more time. The autofill tool prevents spillage and saves your money in the long run. Also, it will help you get more efficient vaping sessions.

Tip: Use Dosing Caps for easier All-day Vaping

Speaking of the convenience, the Mighty’s dosing caps are one of the best features you will get in the vaping market. You can easily fit around eight dosing capsules in the container, fill a portion with dry herbs and close it up. You can now enjoy eight hits in no time.

You don’t have to grind up more herbs to enjoy another vape. All you need to do is to switch out the dosing app and enjoy great hits.

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