More Guidelines on Asphalt Driveways and Its Benefits

Asphalt is mainly made up of sand, rocks, a tar-like petroleum product and Asphalt cement. The material is widely used for a variety of construction purposes including building pavements and driveways. To build a driveway out of Asphalt, a well-draining base of compacted granular fill about 4-8 inches in thickness has to be prepared. This is topped with hot Asphalt about 2-3 inches in thickness which is then compacted by a steamroller. A driveway made out of Asphalt can immediately be driven on after installation, unlike concrete driveways which need some time to cure before they can be used. 

Types of Asphalt Driveways:

  • Porous Asphalt: This has been in use since the mid-1970s. It is used to let the water drain through the basement in parking lots. This is a cost-effective option and lasts for above 20 years.
  • Perpetual pavement: It is a combination of the multilayer paving design and Asphalt. It is also long lasting and durable. This variety is easy to install and does not disrupt traffic.
  • Quiet pavement: This option is specifically chosen to reduce traffic noise. It is made out of open-graded friction course mixture stone matrix.
  • Thin overlays: This variety improves the quality of lights and reduces noise levels, pavement distress and life cycle costs.
  • Warm Mix Asphalt: Similar to the hot mix Asphalt, it is prepared at a slightly lower temperature. This reduces fuel consumption and air pollution.

4 Reasons for you to opt for Asphalt Driveway and Repairing Services:

1. Asphalt is cheaper than other materials

The type of pavement that you will install depends greatly on your budget. Asphalt is generally not as expensive as concrete. Also, repairing a pavement made out of Asphalt is also cheaper. Therefore, getting Asphalt driveway and repairing services are preferred by most consumers seeking an option for building a driveway.

2. It is easier to repair a driveway made out of Asphalt

A driveway made out of concrete is much more difficult to repair than one made out of Asphalt. This is another reason why people choose Asphalt driveway and repairing services. The base layer and middle layer of a driveway made out of Asphalt are considered permanent. As a result, only the top layer of the driveway requires repair to fix the entire driveway in case it is made up of Asphalt. If an Asphalt driveway develops cracks or small holes, it can be easily repaired by the homeowners themselves without any professional help. If a concrete driveway develops cracks, it needs to be replaced entirely. Asphalt driveways with proper maintenance can last for up to 30 years and more.

3. A driveway made out of Asphalt appeared smooth

Since the cement is the major component of concrete driveways, instead of making it look inviting and warm, it gives the home exterior an industrialized look. Getting an Asphalt driveway and repairing services will ensure a driveway which has a smooth and nice appearance. Asphalt driveways also come in specialized finishes and tints to make them look more appealing. Color coating containing mineral aggregates can be added to make them slip resistance and provide more traction.

4. Asphalt driveways reduce noise

Asphalt is a quiet pavement option. Getting an Asphalt driveway and repairing services reduces the traffic volume by 50%. Noise levels go down by 3 decibels on a surface made of Asphalt.


Therefore, building a basement out of Asphalt is extremely beneficial, as it cuts down on the cost, lasts for a longer period of time, and is safer to drive on. Many companies have opened up which provide construction services to build Asphalt driveways and pigments in order to meet the growing demands for the same.

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