Open up Your Home to Open Kitchens

Hacker kitchens London

Which one is better – an open space kitchen or the closed space kitchen – the debate rages on. Where you stand on this eventually decides how your kitchen will look. Although the choice is subject to your personal preferences and lifestyle, the open kitchen sitting diner is pretty much the norm. More and more homeowners are bringing down the walls and utilizing clever design ideas to bridge the gap between living rooms and kitchens and create a unified, versatile space. If an insurance company report is to be believed, one among three British homeowners prefers open sitting diners. If you are still aloof of the trend, we have reasons to make you think otherwise.

Hacker kitchens London

Compatibility across decors:

If you’re asked to single out a reason why open space kitchens are trending, this has to be the one. Open kitchen plans are harmonious with all decors that you have in mind – classic, industrial, contemporary, transitional,   and modern. You can consider a kitchen sitting diner in German kitchens characterized by minimalistic designs and efficient workflow. An added advantage here is that the suitability of materials and appliances is easy to establish. On the contrary, space cramped closed kitchens always have compatibility issues in plenty.

Better fluid spaces:

When you bring down the barriers between the kitchen and living area, a level of fluidity is automatically achieved. Space opens up dramatically, giving you more room for family interactions and entertaining guests. It’s essentially a transformation from a private cooking area into the heart of your home. Imagine doing kitchen chores and being in sight of everyone on the premises at the same time – that’s exactly what open kitchen does for you. The prime recipients are parents with little kids who need constant monitoring for reasons of safety.  

Showcase your kitchen:

You have scouted hard to own Hacker kitchens London and the state-of-the-art equipment and stunning cabinetry that go well with it. Isn’t it time to showcase your refined taste to the world? It may not be possible with a secluded, closed kitchen but it’s a reality with an open kitchen. Just let the prying eyes be on the beauties and décor that you have put together painstakingly.

Let the light come in:

If lighting is an issue, open kitchens are the way forward. Expect more natural light to penetrate deep into your premises, as the walls are either removed outright or reduced to a fraction of their original size. The net result – you save big on power bills and ensure a more hygienic, healthy and happy indoor ambiance. In fact, natural light hedge you against Seasonal Affective Disorder and other conditions requiring medical intervention. A consistent supply of vitamin D is also ensured to help you ward off osteomalacia, osteoporosis and other bone issues.

Improved air quality is achievable:

Again, as the walls are either removed or shortened, the inflow of air is increased significantly. The stale air, foul odour and allergy triggers are eliminated outright, leading to a significant improvement in indoor air quality. It goes without saying – good air is integral to good health.  

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