Ordering Coal Fuel: A Basic Guide

Coal is one of the most commonly used fuel items in the world. Coal is a type of black rock that is readily available through different merchants. Coal is available in different qualities from most local merchants; certain types of coals burn much longer and brighter than others. Coal fuel can be used to light up the furnace during the winter months, especially in places where a municipal gas supply is not readily available. Here is a basic guide for ordering coal fuel from different merchants.

Tips for Ordering

  • There are numerous Chelmsford coal merchants through which you can order your coal supply. Many solid fuel suppliers have their own websites as well so the first step is to make a shortlist of different companies that offer coal fuels.
  • You can compare prices from different companies in order to get a better idea about which one is offering the lowest rates.
  • You should also keep a look out for promotions that many companies run from time to time.
  • Most people tend to store the coal in large quantities so make sure that you have a separate shed ready if you are going to store the coal.

Using Coal

Coal fuel is generally delivered in sealed bags. You need to store them in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Once you have placed the order for the coal fuel, the company will take a few working days to deliver the coal fuel to your house so it’s generally better to order in advance.

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