Patio Awnings: What They Are and Why You Should Buy Them

Imagine just for a second the pleasure of starting your day sipping on your favorite coffee sitting in your outdoor patio. Sun-kissed and excited for the new day, you will feel the energy filling in your body. The other way around is also true. Whether you had a good or a bad day, you know that you can enjoy the end of it while relaxing on your outdoor sofa. Even better if you can combine that feeling with a view at a breathtaking sunset. That’s what having a great life sounds like to most of us.

How an outdoor patio can better your home

A house with an outdoor patio is the type of property we all would like to own. But there are many downsides to it. Every time you plan to leave the house or sit outside, you are always limited by the weather. Is it a sunny hot day? Get prepared for getting sunburnt in a glimpse. And what about if it’s raining? Well, trying to reach for your keys without getting wet is a real challenge.

That’s why most times you can’t think of creating a fun and comfortable outdoor patio without considering your need for patio awnings. An outdoor patio is a part of your home that you will enjoy for years to come. Contrary to common belief, it’s not all about comfortable seating, beautiful décor, gorgeous plants, and other decorations. There’s no point in buying chairs and sofas that are a living paradise of comfort if you end up sitting on your patio only once or twice a year because it’s raining, snowing, or the sun is shining bright like a diamond. Even though the initial cost to buy and install awnings can be steep, they often end up saving you money in the long term. The shade they provide to the interior of your home results in you turning the air conditioning on less often and in lower electric bills. Here’s another big reason why you should invest in patio awnings. Let us guide you to what awnings are and what makes them the angels of your outdoor relaxation.

How patio awnings make your outdoor décor worth it

Functioning as a supplemental roof or cover, awnings help control intense sun exposure and heat that can occur both inside and outside your house. They are usually made of materials like aluminum, vinyl, cloth, or wood. You might have seen a patio metal awning installed on the side of a home with a dining set with chairs underneath it. That’s the image most of us have in mind when thinking of patio awnings. What you might not know yet is that there are two types to choose from. Patio awnings can be either retractable or stationary. Let’s dig deeper into what type is the best one for your needs.

Stationary patio awnings

Stationary patio awnings are traditionally meant to be a seasonal product made to be put on in the spring and taken down in the fall. In areas where the weather is more clement, they can be kept in your patio for the whole year. On the market, you can now even find stationary awnings designed to withstand the weather of the winter season.

Retractable patio awnings

Stationary patio awnings were the only way to go before retractable options became the new thing. Their purpose is almost the same as with stationary patio awnings. They also provide a ceiling or shade, like an outdoor roof. The difference is that, as their name says, they are retractable. You can opt for manual retractable awnings or just get fully automized options. With the latter, you just need to press a button on the switch or remote control, and the canopy will move from partial to full protection. Retractable styles can be operated with a radio, non-radio, or torque-sensing motor.

What to consider when buying patio awnings

Awnings are usually installed on the siding of a home. Some homeowners prefer to place only one awning to cover a window, door, or an entire patio. While others would instead opt for two adjacent patio awnings, one next to the other to create a powerful shield against sun, rain, and snow. Regardless of which option you feel suits your home the most, just be sure to measure the dimensions of your patio before making the final purchase. With “measure” your patio, we really mean it. Get your measurement tape ready and go from end to end along the side of your home or the area you want to protect. See how far off your patio awnings might go from your house. The risk of buying awnings in the wrong size is too high to just randomly pick the first one or two. Besides, the weather of the area where you live can impact what types of awnings and materials you should select. You could go for waterproof awnings or UV-resistant canopies based on whether the chances of you getting sunburnt are lower or higher than getting soaking wet.

Why you should get awnings for your patio

You’re lucky enough to have some space in your home for an outdoor patio. You spent enough time on Pinterest to save a bunch of collections with the most inspiring garden canopy ideas. You feel ready to purchase the best furniture, decorations, and now probably even patio awnings. You might have looked for retractable awning prices online and found that the options are so extensive and your budget yet so restricted. Luckily for all of us, it’s still possible to find high-quality patio awnings for sale. And you are only a click away from them. You can get them now and thank us later.

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