Planning a Dream Kitchen: How to Prepare

The best way to plan a dream kitchen design nowadays is to make use of the latest planning software. Using CAD design software can assist you in getting a better idea of what to choose and what to expect once your home project is underway.

Make Sure Your New Kitchen Is Functional and Aesthetic

Whilst a kitchen may feature the latest in technology or beautiful cabinetry, it will not serve your purposes if it is not functional. Therefore, you need to consider how the space will be used. In order to prepare, you need to review the following:

  • What is the layout?
  • If an island is installed, where will it be located?
  • What type of lighting will be included?

The Triangle Design

Usually, the basic layout of a kitchen is represented by a triangle or workstation design. In the traditional kitchen design, the triangle design was frequently used, placing the sink, refrigerator, and stove at specific points. However, this design is not as relevant today, especially if several appliances are included.

Workstation Designs

Whilst the triangle design works for smaller kitchens, workstation designs are preferred for larger kitchens. A South East London kitchen installation of this type features task stations, such as cooking and prep areas, that surround a major appliance.


Islands continue to be a popular feature in kitchen designs, and also provide a way to add casual seating. They offer additional storage and prep space as well. Rather than display a flat countertop, islands, today exhibit various levels or bespoke installations, such as warming drawers. An island is also a good place to include an open shelf for cookbooks or an illuminated display area.

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