Real Estate in Lebanon- Is Lebanon Worth the Money?

The Lebanese Republic, also known simply as Lebanon, is a sovereign state located on the Western side of Asia. The borders of Syria and Israel lie towards the north and east respectively, while Cyprus lies just on the opposite end of the Mediterranean Sea. Lebanon is located at a very strategic location; it lies at the intersection of the Arabian region and the Mediterranean Basin, which is a major factor in the ethnic and cultural diversity within the region. Apart from this, Lebanon is also the smallest recognized, sovereign state in all of Asia. Despite being so small, Lebanon is still very culturally significant. The capital, Beirut, was widely regarded by many as the Paris of the Middle East.

Lebanon is a very popular place for expats. In the period dating from 1975-2011, more than 1.8 million people migrated to the country. However, over the past few years, armed conflicts and wars have affected the population drastically. According to a research study, more than 96% of the population of Lebanon was affected in one way or another due to these conflicts. But, as of late, the country has been experiencing a bit of a calm and peace. In 2016, Lebanon has remained largely peaceful and the frequency of armed conflicts has decreased sharply. For foreign investors, this is a good sign. If you are thinking of putting money into the Lebanese property market, the following few paragraphs will help you make a wise decision.

Interest Rates

If you are thinking of investing money into real estate in Lebanon, you should keep a keen eye on the interest rates charged by local banks and lending agencies. Most foreign investors do not use their own funds when putting money into the markets. Instead, they take loans from local banks in order to purchase the properties. This helps mitigate the risks involved with investing and can save them a great deal of time and money.

At the moment, interest rates in Lebanon are relatively low. This is meant to encourage investments from potential property investors. By reducing the interest rates, the government is actively encouraging people to put their money in different markets. Because of the decrease in interest rates, Lebanon is an excellent destination for investors who are looking to make a quick buck without taking on too much of a risk.

Short Term Investing

There’s a significant amount of risk involved in volatile markets such as Lebanon. Due to the armed conflicts and political instability within the region, it would be unwise to hold your investments for the long run. Instead, you should only invest your money for short-term gains. Create an agile investment strategy and put your money in reputable neighbourhoods that promise quick returns. If you manage your portfolio correctly, you could easily make a considerable amount of money without having to take on a great deal of risk. It’s a simple and efficient method that could yield amazing returns over a year or so. It’s arguably much better than leaving your money in a low-interest savings account!

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