Replacement Windows: A Great Way To Help The Earth

Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”

It’s an amusing old saw, but in our times, it seems to have taken on new relevance. There’s a lot of discussion these days about the climate, and about how our use of energy can make an impact on our environment. Lots of people want to do their part to help take care of the planet.

And owners of property, from rural homes to urban businesses, are discovering that energy-efficient replacement windows are a great way to take care of their little part of the planet. Picture windows… bay windows… sliding glass doors… skylights… these are all places where air can leak out of (or into) your home or business, forcing your air conditioner to work harder. This wastes energy… and it wastes your money.

If it’s been a while since your windows were installed, think of the savings you can immediately realize on your utility bills when you upgrade to the latest in energy-saving replacement windowsNot only that, new windows bring new beauty – and value – to your property. And you’ll have a nicer view of the breathtaking Colorado landscape, too!

New Windows Mean New Energy Savings

Did you know your new windows can save you so much money on your energy bill that they will pay for themselves in the long run? Maybe you did. But you might not be aware of what that energy savings could mean for the environment.

Consider this: a 2005 study concluded that, in that single year, U.S. property owners (homes and businesses) saved enough energy just from replacing their windows to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions equal to twenty-three million cars!

Twenty-three million.

Meanwhile, back to the bottom line: that 2005 energy reduction – again, just from upgrading to new energy-efficient window products – saved U.S. property owners about twelve billion dollars on their utility bills. It’s nice when your efforts to help the environment pay dividends like that! Not to mention the other benefits you get in increased beauty, comfort, and property value.

In Colorado, Your Best Choice Is Amerimax Vinyl Windows

Replacing those old, drafty, dingy windows is a great idea… but here in Colorado, you need to upgrade to the right locally-made, high quality vinyl windows such as those manufactured by Amerimax.

The reasons are simple.

First, we have the privilege of living and working at a higher altitude than folks on, say, the east coast. Since the best windows are double- or triple-paned, they include spacers that keep filler gas (usually argon) in place between the glass panes to provide superior insulation. Buy windows made at sea level – even if they appear to be a great bargain – and you run a great risk of having windows arrive in Colorado warped, cracked, or even broken… as the gases expand and contract during shipping.

Second, since we’re closer to the sun, Colorado buildings are bombarded with harsher UV rays than sea-level properties. Amerimax manufactures products to withstand that bombardment; out-of-state manufacturers may not be specifically concerned about the Colorado sun. Finally, the weather here in Colorado can change dramatically, and very quickly. It’s not unusual to see temperature changes of 20 degrees or more over the course of just a few hours. And that can spell trouble for windows that weren’t manufactured to resist damage from our local weather. Saving energy is always a good idea when it comes to saving the planet. Get new Amerimax replacement windows for your home or business, and you’ll be enhancing the beauty, comfort, and value of your home. You’ll save the planet while you’re saving energy… and money.

Richa Sharma is a freelance author and writes for a variety of online publications. She actively writes blogs and articles and very fond of writing content on different trendy topicss related to Education, training,resources,health and technology.