Seven Benefits of Aluminium Framed Windows

If you are replacing windows in your home, you have many different types from which to choose. Usually, you can select from timber framed windows, frames made from composite materials like uPVC or aluminium. There are many benefits to selecting aluminium framed windows for your home, including those listed here.

More Affordable

Windows with aluminium frames are usually the most affordable option when you are looking for replacement windows. Even though they are lightweight, the windows are strong and they also help you save energy.

Easy to Maintain

Aluminium stands up better against extreme temperature changes because it does not expand or contract like wood does and it is more resistant to corrosion than other types of metal window frames. You will not have to worry about swelling, cracking or warped frames either, which makes it easier to maintain aluminium windows.

Energy Efficient

Windows with aluminium frames meet or exceed the standards set for energy efficiency. They also are better at achieving heat gain or loss than other types of windows, including timber and uPVC framed windows. For a gas heated home, double glazed aluminium framed windows can save up to three times the energy than is required for those types of windows within the first year. For homes with electrical heating and cooling in hotter climates, the results are even better with savings of up to 300 times better than the energy output.

Quick Payback

With the energy savings and the low cost, you will see a return on your investment faster with aluminium framed windows than with other options. Since they are more expensive and do not achieve as high of energy savings, it can take decades to see a return on your investment if you use timber or uPVC framed replacement windows.

100% Recyclable

Aluminium is environmentally sustainable and it has the highest recycle rates of any other metal materials. When it is recycled, it only takes about five percent of the energy that is used to create it. Since the glass is also recyclable, an entire window made with aluminium can be recycled if you have to replace them again for any reason.

Flexible Design Options

Aluminium is a strong, durable material that allows it to be used in different types of windows and designs. Along with being used to create residential windows and door frames, aluminium is also used to create various types of windows and doors for businesses.

Finish Options

Aluminium frames are powdered coated or they can be anodised in a vast variety of colours, so you can select one that goes best with the exterior of your house. In addition, they can be finished to resemble timber or you can also select a metallic finish for the windows.

Aluminium framed windows are a good option no matter what the climate is where you live. Not only are they a more economical option, but with few maintenance requirements, they usually last longer than other types of windows for your home. They can help you save money on energy as well while providing for an overall polished look for your windows.

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