Six Types of Beds for Children

child beds

In case you are redecorating the room of the child, or if you simply face the need to buy a bed, this article is ideal for you. Do you know the great variety of alternatives that exist in terms of beds for children?

Currently, the options that are presented when decorating a space in the house are many. Children’s rooms are no exception when it comes to beds, a fundamental element for your rest. What are the best types of beds for children?

There will be many aspects that we must take into account when choosing a bed for a child. First, logically, the available space will largely determine our possibilities. Also, the preferences of the child will influence, as well as the fact that he shares a room with one of his brothers.

The most recommended types of beds for children

1. Individual beds

In this class of beds, we can find several subcategories. The first one is the single bed to which we are accustomed. That is, with a mattress or sommier, backrest and footboard; Below it is an empty space that you can use to store boxes.

Another option is the crib beds. These are the ones that maintain the height and the characteristics of which we commented before, but in turn add another bed under the other mattress.

This second bed opens with a folding system and usually includes a mattress somewhat thinner than that of the upper bed . On some occasions, you can have drawers instead of a bed.

On the other hand, the compact beds, which would be like an ‘evolution’ of the nest beds. The compact also have a structure for a bed in its lower part, as well as include drawers under or above them. Your mattress is the same as the main bed.

Height is the main difference between these types of beds. While the nest retains the traditional height of 50-55 centimeters, the compacts are higher.

2. Bunk beds

As with single beds, we can find several types of beds for children in this category. The classic bunk is that structure that joins two beds, one on top of the other. Generally, they are separated by a distance close to 80-90 centimeters.

Although they are very practical to save space, mothers often complain because the top bed is more difficult to do. In addition, they present the disadvantage of being somewhat dangerous for children who move a lot when sleeping ; A fall from that height carries great risks.

In turn, the bunks have other variables. One of them is the train type bunk; that is, those in which the upper bed is not completely aligned with that of the base. In this way, a storage space is generated in one of the tips.

Most of them have a built-in wardrobe in this space. However, other newer ones also incorporate stairs for the little one who sleeps upstairs.

Finally, the litter in the form of ‘L’; It has the same characteristics as the train-type bunk , but with the difference that the bed are located transversally.

3. Funny beds

When you are a child, each element of daily life can be an instrument of fun and play. With the beds, this also happens. If you like cars, you can get or build a bed with that shape; For the fanatical children of the animals, you can also find very funny designs .
Not only that: the bunks can be obtained in the form of a bus, a carriage, a fire truck, a tent and even a castle. Even some bring slides!

4. Twin beds
It is an excellent alternative if you have twins or twins ; also it is if the brothers simply have similar ages.

They consist of two beds of the same size, with the same shape and located one next to the other . By just varying the color of the structure or even the bedding, you will have a very nice visual combination, which will also highlight the parity between the two small ones.

“The crib beds maintain the height and characteristics of the individual, but in turn add one more bed under the other mattress”

5. Folding bed

Do you have a small room? Use a folding bed! The general perception of them is that they are an unattractive option, typical of bachelor apartments in which there is not even a pin.

Well, you should know that this has already changed. Nowadays, you can get very attractive models, which your children will definitely love. Do not hesitate to take a look, at least to evaluate the possibility.

6. Montessori Beds

These beds are usually included in the Montessori decoration of the nurseries. His idea is to bring the mattress to a level almost like the floor, so children can access it more easily. Here you can find at home, world best kids beds online and buy your favorite.
The advantage of this design is that it encourages the autonomy of the little ones , who do not need their parents to join them. In addition, they are safe and comfortable and are in very nice and eye-catching designs.

Made of wood or other material?

Finally, we should not ignore the subject matter of the bed. While most are made of wood, there are also some iron , which are more resistant and heavy. Its brightness gives a very pleasant elegance to children’s rooms .

As we pointed out before, the types of beds for children are many and all pursue in order to adapt to different needs. What is your favorite?

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