Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas that Turns Your Kitchen into Your Favorite Place

Is your kitchen too small? Does it feel very cramped for two people to work side by side? Oh, do not worry, a little bit of organizing and tidying up will do the trick! Here are some small kitchen renovation ideas that will surely prove helpful to you –

Add a Counter Bar and Some Chairs

So what if you cannot have an island to serve breakfast and treats, you can add a counter bar instead, parallel to the cabinetry. Pull up some chairs and some beautiful floor carpet to complete the small kitchen renovation.

Make Use of That Space

No matter how small your kitchen is, you can still find places to store away condiments and wicker baskets. The spaces between your cabinets and top of the cabinets can serve as storage spaces.

Downsizing is the Key

You cannot use your kitchen as laundry or for receiving mail or for making your kids do their homework. So move the unnecessary appliances out of the kitchen, and increase the counter space. Use your kitchen only for cooking meals for yourself and your family.

Consider Using Trolleys

Trolleys are a great way to save space. You can use them to serve breakfast, snacks, and even use it to store condiments and stuff. When you do not need it, you can just push into the closet, out of sight and even out of the kitchen.

Trade Overhead Cabinets for Shelves and Racks

Another easy small kitchen renovation idea is to do away with the too-tall cabinets, that you find difficult to reach anyway. Plus a small kitchen with tall cabinets may feel claustrophobic and closed in. Using shelves, racks, and holders will open up the small space of your kitchen. It will feel airy and bright.

Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas with Glass

Reflective glass or mirror can really change the look of your small cramped kitchen. It will make it look visually larger if you place them at strategic positions in your kitchen. It will also help open up the kitchen if you use glass kitchen tiles, glass door cabinets, kitchen doors made of glass and glass counter.

Remove Extra Kitchenware

Unless you take some time to organize your kitchen, you will not realize how much unnecessary and extra kitchenware you have. Throw them away or store them for later use in some other place in your house instead of the kitchen to increase the counter space.

Small Kitchen Renovation with Plants

Plants are a great way to increase the aesthetic value of any place. It immediately makes the place soothing and calm, so consider adding a bit of green to your small kitchen.

White is the Color for your Kitchen

Stay away from dark colors that tend to make a small room look even smaller. It will be the worst decision of your life it you choose to paint your kitchen in bright red or dark blue or install dark colored cabinets. Always opt for lighter colors, your best option should always be bright white. White color accentuate the looks inside the kitchen and always use white countertops, white kitchen walls, white cabinets and add colorful mugs, dishes, and bowls to add a dash of color.

Add Wood to Create A Nice Contras

If you love wooden furniture and wooden finish, you can still add them to your white kitchen to create a pleasant contrast with the white surrounding.


Here are 10 renovations ideas for your small kitchen. Incorporate these ideas into your kitchen design and see it transform! Also adding wooden shelves will transform the look of your kitchen almost immediately.

Richa Sharma is a freelance author and writes for a variety of online publications. She actively writes blogs and articles and very fond of writing content on different trendy topicss related to Education, training,resources,health and technology.