The Bean Bag Type of Chair for Your Home

The bean bag is a pillow that fits well in the living room or bedroom. The chair is popular in many dorm rooms around the world. The chair is not just for young people as elderly people are known to enjoy the comfort. See below why you should consider having the bean bag design in the house:

Bean Bag Chairs

You do not sit on a bean bag chair. Instead, you sit in it. The whole chair feels like an extra soft pillow that surrounds the body. Most people find relief from sitting in this chair, especially if they have physical ailments. People with back pain will slide back into the chair and rest their backs on the cushions. People with leg pain will raise their legs and place them on the cushions. No other chair provides this amount of comfort for their users.

The Fillers

People use different fillers in their chairs. The type of filler affects the comfort of the seating. Hard fillers, such as beans and springs, are not as comfortable as cotton. However, feathers are too light to provide enough firmness in these chairs.

Some people use plastic beads, while others use foam. If you think of memory foam mattresses, you think about comfort and contour. You already know that if the foam is used in mattresses and it is effective as a filler in bean bags. Styrofoam peanuts are made of foam, but that kind is harder and more likely to break under pressure.

You want foam that is soft yet firm to support body weight. Make sure the material contours to the body as it moves around on the chair. Before memory foam is inserted into the chair, it is cut up into pieces. Foam pieces are not as comfortable as a whole foam mattress, but the comfort is still there.

Making use of plastic beads is another option. The beads are harder than the peanuts, but they provide enough firmness for your seat. You want comfort, but at the same time, you do not want to feel like you are sitting on an exercise ball.

Another issue is the shape of the fillers, which could change or remain the same over time. Styrofoam gets flattened too easily, so it is not the best material to sit on for long periods of time. Memory foam is specially designed to be sat on for years. Memory foam retains its shape after you have laid on it for hours. In addition, plastic beads maintain shape and do not get flattened over time.

A bean bag is a symbol of total comfort. Planning which bag to buy is not as easy as everyone thinks. After you decide which colour and brand you want, choose the type of filler. Choosing the material to put in is the step that determines the quality and comfort of the chair. The bean bag chair is useless if it is not filled out right, so take all of the right steps to buy the right type of chair.

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