The Best Advice When Deciding On Tile Patterns

When doing any type of renovating you always need sound advice to make sure the job goes right. With tile patterns it’s no different as choosing the correct one for your space can make all the difference. So here are three tips from the pros to help you get started out on the right foot!

The Right Pattern For Your Space

Most homeowners don’t realize this, but you really need to take a look at the space you are working with before you decide on a pattern. This not only means the size of the room or installation but whether the tile will be set on the wall or the floor. That’s because while some layouts look much more appealing on the wall, others are meant to be strictly floor tile patterns. And while not as numerous there are a few which do well on both walls and floors. Each pattern has its own applications and places that it should be used if you want the best results.

Pick The Right Material

Another very important thing you need to think about is the material you plan on using. Just like each tile pattern works best when used in certain ways they also tend to look their best when used with specific materials. But there are of course some that work well with quite a few. Commonly used ceramic tile patterns for example can usually be used with natural stone and glass as well to give you some phenomenal results.

Pick An Appropriate Color

For maximum effect you’ll need to look at your current color scheme and take note of any goals you want your tile project to add in terms of color. Some homeowners are just looking to match or complement the colors they already have while others want a burst of color. Many backsplash tile patterns in particular can be used for adding that extra bit of color you need in a dull room. Even simple ones such as the running bond tile pattern when used with the right shade can really add a dramatic focal point to your kitchen or bathroom.

By following the advice above you’ll be sure to be able to narrow it down to the handful of tile layout patterns that work for you very quickly. Keep them in mind to make sure your project gives you the results you are truly after and of course years of enjoyment!

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