Three Carpet Restoration Services

Instead of replacing the entire carpet when there is a little stain or damage to a small portion of it, many carpets can be restored. Oriental rugs can also be restored if you want to bring back their colour after it has faded or if it has frayed on the edges. Along with restorations, companies that provide carpet repair can also provide these services.

Change Carpet Colour

If you have carpet that isn’t very old and is still in great shape but you don’t like the colour, then it can be changed. Colour trends are similar to fashion trends in that they can change quickly. So, if the colour of your carpet is outdated or you think it is ugly, companies specialising in expert carpet restoration in Pimlico can dye the carpet another colour.

Add Design Features

If you have a plain rug or carpet that isn’t valuable but you don’t want to get rid of it, carpet restorers can add different features to it. They can use dye to create designs or shapes onto the rug or carpet to make it look more interesting or they can create borders around the edges. By choosing the colours and designs, you can add your personal touch to your home’s carpet or one of your favourite rugs.

Remove Stains

Carpets and puppies or kittens are usually not a good mix. A puppy often makes mistakes and if one of them is on your carpet, it can leave a smelly stain. Fortunately, carpet restoration companies can remove the stain and odour so you don’t need to change carpets or get rid of the dog.

With carpet restoration services, your wall-to-wall carpet or expensive Oriental rugs can be restored to a new look again. The colours can be brightened or tears can be repaired so that it looks new.

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