Tips for a Perfect Bathroom: Talk with Your Supply Professional

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There’s one truth about investing in home renovation: If you put your money and effort into the kitchen and bathroom, you’re more likely to recoup your investment than if you put your funds into other rooms in the home. While there are several reasons for this truth, the bottom line is that you should pay particular attention to those rooms when upgrading and renovating your property.

Focus for the moment on your bathroom (or bathrooms, if you’re fortunate enough to have two or more). Whether this room is decidedly small, spacious to the point of luxury, or somewhere between those extremes, you should give plenty of time and thought to making sure that this important room meets your standards for appearance and function.

Important Tips

If you are at the planning stage of this renovation, you’d be wise to get in touch with a company specialising in bathroom supplies. The inventory you’ll choose from should include basins, tubs, mirrors, shower screens, toilets, vanities, showers, shaving cabinets, and even underfloor heating products. This will give you access to every item that you’ll need to complete the renovation successfully.

When your bathroom is small, you might gain a bit of extra space with a corner sink. You might also consider a pedestal sink to provide some additional room. Combine this with a shower curtain or a sliding shower door to eliminate the space-grabbing hinged door. Some smaller bathrooms work best with a floating vanity and use closets or a separate cabinet for storage.

It’s also possible to gain a little space and avoid sharp corners in a small bathroom by using a rounded vanity/sink design. As you decide where to place the toilet, consider how this will work with counter space and cabinet storage. You can also gain perceived space by using the correct wallpaper or paint scheme. Your bathroom will feel bigger, even if it’s not. Another method making the room appear larger is to expand the size of your mirror or mirrors. This has an amazing effect!

Towel Bar, Etc.

When you work with a company bringing an extensive inventory to the task, you can even have the added luxury of the heated towel bar. This works best within reach of the shower, naturally, but a standard towel bar on the door of your shower is a great way to save a bit of space. The bulk of your towels can be in a linen closet that’s close at hand.

Talk with your supply expert about trough sinks, a design with a great low profile that can be mounted on the wall. This provides added floor space and storage space. Some homeowners go so far as to use faucets or taps mounted on the wall, which can put the sink or vanity top a few centimetres closer to the wall.

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