Top Reasons to Call a Commercial Electrician

Having the power go out in your place of business may add a touch of excitement to the day for your employees. But as a business owner who is depending on electricity to keep his or her shop up and running, having the power go out can be a major and costly interruption to business.

The good news is that business owners can do a lot to help prevent this sort of situation from happening. Below are some of the reasons why a business owner should be calling a commercial electrician in Perth, starting with the most common issue of all:

The Breakers Are Constantly Tripping

Is the break room coffee maker constantly being shut off as soon as someone begins heating up their lunch in the microwave? Or, does running the photocopier cause the lights to flicker or go out? Not only are these situations a nuisance, but they are also a sign of an electrical issue, which should be tackled before it gets out of hand.

The breakers in your building will “trip” in order to protect your electrical system and appliances from becoming damaged or creating a dangerous situation (such as an electrical fire). If one or more breakers are tripping on a consistent basis, it is time to have a commercial electrician step in and take a look at your business’s electrical panel.

There Is a Popping Noise When Appliances Are Used

If you or your employees hear a “pop” when using or plugging in a certain device or appliance, discontinue using that item and call up an electrician. A popping noise typically indicates an electrical arch, or the intermittent connection of wires. What makes this situation dangerous is that a poor connection will generate heat, which can result in a fire.

There Are Issues with the Lights

There are two ways in which a commercial electrician will be able to help you with your lighting:

  1. The electrician will be able to target any electrical issues, which may be negatively affecting your current lighting; and
  2. The electrician will be able to install any additional lighting fixtures to improve the lighting in your office

Many experienced commercial electricians will even be able to provide advice to help improve the lighting in your space, including how you can increase the amount of natural lighting throughout your office.

The Appliances Are Sparking

A sparking appliance is not a normal occurrence. This issue not only signifies that there may be an issue with the device, but it may also be indicating a larger and more substantial electrical problem.

If your appliance is smoking, do not touch it. If safe, unplug the appliance or cut the power source by turning off the wall switch or turning off the breaker. Following that, call up an electrician for further guidance.

The Office Is Being Remodelled

If you are planning on remodelling or expanding your office space, a commercial electrician must be called. Not only will the electrician ensure that your office is outfitted with adequate and updated lighting fixtures, but they will also ensure that your new and improved electrical system is within code and that it will be able to handle this new change in your office’s electrical load.

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