Under Cabinet Lighting – All Things You Need To Know

Under Kitchen Cabinets lighting

The kitchen is the center of focus for many of the houses. Many of homeowners are very concerned about the look of their kitchen. In the kitchen, there are many important things including appliances, countertops, island, and more. Everything plays an important role in uplifting the overall layout of the kitchen. To make your kitchen attractive you have to pay a lot of attention to different things. One of the essential thing is lighting.

In this blog, we will be looking at the under-cabinet lighting. Many of the people suffer from inadequate kitchen lighting and are looking for ways to fix the problem. Having proper lighting in your kitchen area can increase your productivity more than you think. Furthermore, if you are still looking for ways to enhance the look of your kitchen, then you should get kitchen designers service to get satisfactory results.

We will be looking at the three types of cabinet lighting and how to optimize the under-cabinet lighting option for best results. Let’s dive in:

Three types of Under Cabinet Lighting

Following are the three types of under-cabinet lighting:

1-Task Lighting

If you prepare food using perimeter cabinetry with overhead cabinets, then it is best to incorporate under-cabinet task lighting. You can go for options like brighter lights, gimbal fixtures (you can set the angle according to your need), and task-oriented lighting options. You can make your under-cabinet lights as part of your task lighting plan.

2-Ambient Lighting

It is all about creating a mood. You can select that light according to your own mood. It can be cozier mood when you wake up in the morning or a romantic glow to spend some happy moments. In ambient lighting, you can involve color that complement with your kitchen color scheme for parties as well. It is one of the great options to make your kitchen design layout more attractive. You can contact professionals for further guidance on right type of lighting.

3-Safety Lighting

To make your under-cabinet lighting as a safety lighting, you can select the combination of ultra-efficient LED lights, lower voltage or dimmable lighting options. With these lights, you can easily chop the food with knives without any cuts on the finger and place them safely in a drawer or rack.

Furthermore, when the kitchen area is not in use you can dim the light so that kid or any person can walk in the kitchen without any problem. Here dimmers are important. It will be the right fixture option that can be used for basic lighting fixtures toward all the lighting options.

Don’t forget about the toe-kick lighting that will act as an additional safety or ambient lighting. The toe-kick light is also very helpful because they are installed below the base of cabinets. This position of lights will give you the freedom that you never stub toe when pouring water in your glass or preparing a midnight snack.

Optimizing Under Cabinet Lighting Options

When you are looking for under-cabinet lighting example in kitchen design galleries or working with designers, then you should learn about them. You can contact professional companies to avail the kitchen designer services to give your kitchen a new look. You need to consider the following fixture options:

Low Voltage LEDs

Who does not like to have low electricity bills? Every homeowner is looking for a way to control them. With the use of low voltage LEDs you can save energy up to 90% and it is far more efficient as compared to the other counterparts. These LED bulbs will give you 50,000 to 100,000 more hours.  

Safe to Touch

Safety is one of the important concern when it comes to the selection of things for your kitchen area. One of the great benefits of LED is that they are safe to touch. They will not get hot and if it get break by any family member, then no need to worry. LEDs are not having toxic mercury that is mostly used in the production of fluorescent lights.

Custom Fit for Cabinet Layout

You need to select the right type of light so, that they can look good with your cabinets. You need to contact professionals companies because they will ensure that your under-cabinet lights are custom fit with your cabinets.

Neutral Color Light Option

LEDs come in a wide range that includes warm, cool, and natural daylight options. You can easily customize the way LEDs through light on your kitchen fixtures and highlights the features.

Wireless Dimmer Switches

Looking for a way to control the intensity of your light? To do so, you need to have dimmers and if you want to control from any room other than the kitchen, then wireless dimmer switches are the best option. Light dimmers are essential to control the intensity of the light and you need them to control the light without any problem. With these wireless dimmer switches, you have the remote to control the intensity of your light according to the need.

Minimal Wires

Worried about the messy look due to the wires in your kitchen? Well, we are having a solution to the problem. Too many wires will make your kitchen messy. But with the under-cabinet lighting, you don’t need to worry. These lights area having no extra wires that will come out. The professional technician will fit the light properly with no wires falling outside.

Hope now you are aware of under-cabinet lighting option to make your kitchen bright and attractive. An adequate amount of light is necessary to do the food preparation and other tasks. If you are looking to get more kitchen design Cape Cod ideas to make your kitchen more functional, then you should contact experienced companies for the best results. The skilled crew of the company will assist valued customer to make the right decision and will tell them about all the latest trends to make your kitchen a better place. Without wasting any further time, hire the professionals to get the work done.

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