Uses the Services of a Chimney Sweep to Protect Your Home from Fire

If you want to protect your home from carbon monoxide poisoning and the risk of fire, you need to contact a chimney sweep. Chimney sweeping and inspection should be done annually to ensure that your fireplace is safe to use.

Scheduling a Repairs

Practice the following measures when planning a repair.

  • Schedule a time for chimney sweep services in Newton Abbot preferably during the spring. By taking advantage of an early schedule, you will ensure that the chimney is swept and repaired in the needed time. Spring is a slow time of year for chimney cleaning companies. Therefore, any cleaning and repairs can be performed with less anxiety.
  • When you have a chimney sweep, or inspection, performed early, you do not have to wait for any repair to be made. Masonry repairs are best undertaken in temperate weather conditions. Do not procrastinate in this respect. The combination of mild weather and a lack of severe conditions quicken the rate of repair.
  • It is easier to schedule a time that is convenient for a repair during the slow season.

Call a Chimney Sweep Service If Your Chimney Has Not Been Cleaned Lately

As you can see, spring is an ideal to have your chimney swept and inspected. However, even if it is fall or winter, you still should schedule the service, especially if you have not had your chimney cleaned in some time. The creosote and soot that builds up in a chimney can lead to a fire. Therefore, never take any chances in this respect.

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