Venetian Plaster Is the Ideal Choice for Enhancing a Room’s Walls

Popularised during the Renaissance by Italian architects, Venetian plaster still strikes a memorable chord with whomever sees it. The plaster is used in all manners of structures throughout Perth. Also referred to as textured plaster, Venetian plaster enjoys a reputation for being an enduring building material. The sophistication and character of the product cannot be overlooked.

Varied Colours and Textures

The longstanding regard for the plaster is credited to its varied range of colours and textures. The plaster is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. The wall finish is made from marble dust and slaked lime and is considered more beneficial than other treatments, such as drywall and vinyl.

A Popular Choice for a Wall Finish in Perth

As a result, the polished plaster in Perth is seen inside and outside of many homes today, just as it was seen in 16th century Venice. In fact, textured plaster recently became one of the more requested wall finishes in the marketplace.

Reasons to Add Venetian Plaster to Your Walls

Below are the reasons why Venetian plaster is ranked high among property owners in Australia.

  • Venetian plaster is versatile. It can be applied to wood, drywall, tile, exterior woods, brick, or cement board.
  • The plaster is robust. Venetian plaster dries as hard as a rock, thereby making it unsurpassed in durability. The material resists shrinking and displays some flex too. Therefore, it can stand up to abuses that would damage other wall finishes. If you do need to make a repair, it can be done easily and affordably.
  • Venetian plaster is simple to maintain. Not only is the plaster easy to clean, it also resists fading. The plaster does not trap moisture beneath its surface like some materials.
  • Venetian plaster is considered timeless. The extra-smooth surface of the plaster makes it easy to modify. If you want to give a room a quick face-lift, this is the finish to choose. This type of wall finish always gives a room a vibrant and fresh look as well.
  • Venetian plaster is environmentally friendly. The ingredients in the mix are non-toxic and natural. The plaster also optimises the quality of the indoor air. Lime is naturally high in pH, thereby providing the plaster with a hygienic and anti-bacterial surface.

Other Noted Amenities

You can also realise a lower energy bill if Venetian plaster is applied to the walls. In addition, the plaster inhibits fungus or mould growth.

Are you contemplating changing the looks of your existing walls, or giving them a more polished look? If so, you need to review the benefits of adding Venetian wall plaster yourself. Talk to a specialist who makes these types of upgrades and see why this plaster material is enthusiastically received by many of Australia’s residents and businesses.

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